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An unexpected guest at the inauguration of the Korean president

Reuters reported that Mr. Yoon met Ms. Park, 70, in the city of Daegu, Southeast Korea on April 12. It was the first meeting since Mr. Yoon led a corruption investigation five years ago that led to Park’s imprisonment. Ms. Park has lived at the house in Daegu City since her pardon last December.

The former prosecutor said he “desperately wants to heal” during his presidential inauguration next month.

“We have a past. I told her I feel sorry for that. I also mentioned her life and health,” Mr. Yoon told reporters after the meeting.

An unexpected guest at the inauguration of the Korean president - Photo 1.

Mr. Yoon met Mrs. Park, 70 years old, in Daegu City, Southeast Korea on April 12. Photo: Reuters

Kwon Young-se, an official from Mr. Yoon’s transition team, confirmed that Ms. Park had been invited to the presidential inauguration. Ms. Park then promised to try her best to attend even though her health was not good.

Mr. Kwon also said that Mr. Yoon will maintain some of Ms. Park’s policies so that she “can regain her honor”.

Mr. Yoo Yeong-ha, Park’s lawyer present at the meeting on April 12, said that while Park was in office, she fostered close relations with the US, and emphasized that the economy cannot development without a solid foundation in diplomacy and security.

Mr. Yoon won narrowly in the election on March 9 with a margin of only 0.7%. The survey results of Realmeter polling center on April 11 showed that only 50.4% of respondents believed that Mr. Yoon would perform well in his duties and 45.3% expressed negative opinions. .

Mr. Yoon once said that he regretted that the investigation of Ms. Park caused her to be impeached despite doing the right job. Park became the first sitting president in the history of the Korean Constitution to be impeached for corruption (including bribery), coercion and abuse of power.

On December 24, 2021, South Korea’s Justice Minister said he had pardoned Ms. Park – who was sentenced to more than 20 years in prison.

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