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“Blow your soul” and elevate your living space with the art of flower arrangement

Caring for the living space is getting more and more attention, especially embellishing with flowers. Flower arrangement art not only show the ingenuity of the sisters but also contribute to “breathing” your house.

Ages ago long ago, flower Fresh is always the favorite choice of women when they want to decorate their home. The colors of flowers not only help spatial more brilliant but it also has a positive effect on the mood of each person. Science has proven that looking at the “works” art“created by me will stimulate the brain to secrete happy hormones, helping each person feel more relaxed, comfortable and happy.

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Meticulously and delicately arranged flower vases not only show the ingenuity of the plug-in but also contribute to enhancing your living space.

The perfect combination of flowers, fruits or young leaves will help create accents for any space. You can arrange flowers in the living room, bedroom, office, kitchen or even in the garden bathroom.

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A vase of flowers in the workspace brings positive energy to help you work focused and efficient.

Vertical flower arrangement

Type flower arrangement Simple but delicate is the vertical flower arrangement. This is a tall arrangement and sometimes just a flower spike can help you have a work of art.

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Vertical flower arrangement is simple but extremely modern, suitable for living room space.

Arrange flowers in the letter LO

For those of you who learn about the art of flower arrangement, you must have known the L-shaped flower arrangement. Usually, the L-shaped flowers will be placed in a low vase and large width.

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The L-shaped flower arrangement has no symmetry, so the plug-in must choose and arrange appropriately to create balance.

Arrange flowers in a vase with a high neck

Usually when arranging flowers in a tall vase with a narrow mouth, the flowers will be placed close to the mouth of the vase.

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This type of flower arrangement when placed in the living room will attract everyone’s eyes, and at the same time make the living room space more delicate.

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The combination of dahlia and snow apricot with ethnic materials helps create a work of art imbued with Vietnamese culture.

Combining flowers and fruits to create uniqueness

This arrangement also shows that the owner is an aesthetic person and just one vase of this flower will make your space more luxurious and modern.

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Arranging flowers and fruits is not a simple thing. You need to choose the right flowers and fruits from color to size and arrange them in the most reasonable way.
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If you know how to combine, you will have a unique and fancy flower vase.

Minimalist flower arrangement with just one branch

When plugging in this way, you need to choose a branch that is the right size for the vase or vase, then fix it and combine with other flowers.

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Artistic flower arrangement surpasses all limits when combining flowers and fruits to create an impressive work of art.
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Simple but delicate are the most appropriate adjectives to describe this flower arrangement. You can display it in the office to “turn” the space more “luxurious”.

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This plug method has been loved by many people in recent times. With just one branch, you can completely create a unique work of art.

With just a little ingenuity, you can completely create your own artistic flower vase to help you enhance your living space.

Photo and made: Currently Nhi

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