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Chairman of Autobest: “VinFast is different from car manufacturers in the world”

April 12, 2022 16:45 GMT+7

Mr. Dan Vardie – Chairman of the leading European car assessment organization Autobest said that VinFast will make a difference and conquer users with high-quality electric vehicle models as well as excellent production capacity.

VF 8 will be welcomed by the world

– Be present in VinFast’s VF 8 experience program and drive the Made in Vietnam electric cars yourself. How does that feel for you?

Very interesting! The trip to Vietnam is a long road, but I find it worth it because I personally experience a new model like the VF 8. The model is in the process of being completed and developed and this is the first version that allows. test drive. Although the driving time is not long, my big impression with the VF 8 is a high-quality model. That’s what I felt as soon as I got in the car.

Chairman of Autobest: “VinFast is different from car manufacturers in the world”

– Where does this impression come from, especially to someone who has experienced a lot of vehicles, including electric cars like you?

When entering the car, the interior design and interior system of the car make me feel the modernity of a high-quality car. Especially the front screen of the car is an outstanding detail with large size. I know that the VF 8 model will be equipped with many smart features and I have high hopes because VinFast is known as a car company with lightning fast steps, like VinFast’s pure electric strategy launched and done very quickly.

– Objectively, what are the opportunities for electric cars like the VF 8 to penetrate the European market in particular and the world in general, especially from the perspective of a representative of a leading car rating organization? Europe?

With what I have directly felt and experienced, I think the VF 8 will be well received in the market because of its reasonable price. In addition, VinFast’s battery rental policy is in my opinion a unique and attractive way because customers will feel secure when using it and do not worry about the battery system becoming obsolete.

I believe that VinFast – a new car company – will be welcomed by many new customers.

VinFast makes an important contribution to the direction of promoting electric vehicles

Chairman of Autobest: 'VinFast is different from car manufacturers in the world'

– In addition to the VF 8 experience, he also recently visited the production line of electric car models at VinFast’s factory complex. Is everything the same as what you envisioned before coming to Vietnam?

I used to come here in 2017 but at that time the factory was still incomplete. Up to now, VinFast’s production complex has a huge machine system. Some workshops such as the body welding workshop impressed me with the large robot system, the degree of automation up to 90% – one of the places with the best level of automation in the world. That is a wonderful thing.

Right at the factory, I saw the image of convoys of cars following each other. For me, the fact that a factory can assemble many types of vehicles on one line is an impressive achievement because only new generation factories can do so.

Currently in the factory in Hai Phong, VinFast is assembling batteries but I know the company has a plan to produce battery cells by itself and to me, it is a miracle that VinFast has successfully implemented it.

Autobest is one of the pioneering organizations driving the future of the electric vehicle industry. With VinFast’s products that you have witnessed with your own eyes, in your opinion, how can the factor from Vietnam contribute in this future?

VinFast has always contributed to Autobest’s direction to promote the future of electric vehicles. I am very grateful for these very important contributions. VinFast is a car company with an open-minded leadership team. That is one of the reasons I believe, VinFast is different from other car manufacturers in the world.

– Thank you Sir!

Autobest is Europe’s leading car rating organization, with members in more than 32 countries. Established in 2000, Autobest is considered an organization representing European people’s views in the automotive field. In recent years, Autobest has been one of the pioneer organizations promoting the future of the electric vehicle industry as well as positioning and leading the sustainable development trends in the automotive industry.


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