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China criticizes US for ‘politicizing’ anti-epidemic in Shanghai

Responding to the US asking all non-essential diplomatic staff to leave the Consulate General in Shanghai due to COVID-19, China’s Foreign Ministry called the move “politicizing and instrumentalizing the withdrawal issue”. staff”, so Beijing expressed “strong dissatisfaction and resolute opposition”, and has “severely engaged” with the US.

China criticized the US for 'politicizing' anti-epidemic in Shanghai - 1

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian. Photo: CGTN

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian asked Washington to “immediately stop attacking China’s epidemic prevention and control policies, stop taking advantage of the epidemic to manipulate politics and stop smearing China”.

He reaffirmed that the country’s policy is scientific and effective.

“The ‘no’ policy COVID-19 dynamic’ and China’s epidemic prevention and control regulations are based on science and expert opinions, in line with China’s actual situation and the guiding principles of the World Health Organization, effectively ensure the safety and health of Chinese citizens and foreigners living in China, making an important contribution to the fight against the global pandemic“, emphasized Mr. Trieu.

On April 11, the US State Department ordered all US government employees holding non-essential positions at the US Consulate General in Shanghai to leave the city due to COVID-19 and their families. strict epidemic control measures here. Previously, on April 8, the ministry announced that non-essential employees in Shanghai could voluntarily leave. The US State Department also advises citizens not to travel to areas with outbreaks in China such as Shanghai, Jilin and Hong Kong.

Shanghai is experiencing the worst outbreak in China since the first official COVID-19 cases were recorded in Wuhan at the end of 2019. So far, the country is still pushing to implement the “No” strategy. Dynamic COVID-19”. Famous Chinese epidemiologist Zhong Nanshan affirmed that the important issue in fighting the epidemic is “minimizing the spread and limiting the number of deaths”.

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