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French lady loves white t-shirts, mixing clothes is not picky

Characteristic in the style of French girls is that no matter how creatively dressed, they do not leave the most basic things.

Basic items such as white t-shirts, shirts, jeans or long skirts… are always present in French girls’ outfits. And this is also the “key” to help these beautiful ladies perfect their elegant and fashionable style.

Julie Sergeant Ferreri – the fashionista who owns an Instagram account @juliesfi with nearly half a million followers, also maintaining the spirit of French fashion in each outfit. She especially loves the most basic t-shirt of the summer, the white t-shirt. Julie Sergeant Ferreri has a lot of ideas for this shirt, and all of them exude sophistication, elegance, and are worth learning from.

French girls - Photo 1.

Julie suggests the simplest way to wear a T-shirt, which is to combine it with black-toned straight-leg trousers and a flip-flop sneaker. Although very basic, this outfit never brings a boring feeling. The overall outfit “eats boldly” is youthful and elegant.

French girls - Photo 2.

The set of white + brown milk tea is always very luxurious and elegant. Even when choosing all items with strong styles such as T-shirts + sweatpants with elastic waistband, Julie still has a delicate look, mixed with youthful features.

French girls - Photo 3.

White t-shirt and pastel blue casual pants are a perfect combination. This duo gives a good age-hacking effect, and ensures an elegant look. Concluding the set, a classic square heel shoe has increased the elegance of the wearer.

French girls - Photo 4.

Want to look elegant, luxurious but still young? Women just need to apply the formula of white t-shirt + casual pants. Julie did not break the sophistication of the suit, on the contrary, helped the overall look more classy when choosing shoes and handbags in beige tones.

French girls - Photo 5.

The cold season is coming, ladies, please take advantage of the cold season’s suit. And to create a thin, light, and not overwhelming outfit, you should layer inside a white t-shirt. Outfit including brown suit + white t-shirt + elegant slippers that Julie is wearing looks very youthful, liberal but still ensures the necessary elegance.

French girls - Photo 6.

Whether going for a walk or going to the beach, women can still apply the combo of a white t-shirt combined with a textured silk skirt and the slippers Julie is wearing. The appearance of the sedge bag has added a liberal and flying look to the outfit.

French girls - Photo 7.

Julie’s white t-shirt + jeans set becomes more sparkling and lemongrass thanks to the appearance of jewelry such as earrings, gold rings and wristwatches.

French girls - Photo 8.

Textured shorts are worth buying in the summer, helping women have outstanding outfits. To wear this item beautifully, please combine it with a white t-shirt. This combo creates a youthful and eye-catching outfit set but still retains harmony and elegance.

French girls - Photo 9.

Straight leg jeans are the perfect half of a white t-shirt. The secret to increasing the elegance of the outfit is very simple, Julie has neatly and neatly dressed. Outfit looks very summery thanks to the embellishment of a papyrus bag and slippers.

French girls - Photo 10.

It’s still a combo of white t-shirt + jeans, but this outfit looks very luxurious and smooth. Items such as large round earrings, gold straps and thin strap sandals have contributed to upgrading the whole.

French girls - Photo 11.

Once in a while, change your style with a printed T-shirt. Thanks to that, the style will be more youthful and outstanding, but not “cut off”.

French girls - Photo 12.

The shorts suit is too suitable to wear during the late spring period. When the inner layer of the T-shirt is white, the youthfulness of the outfit increases even more. Besides, the elegance and sophistication of the suit is also suitable for women to apply for a romantic date at night, or for a wedding.

Photo: Character Instagram

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