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Heart disease caused actor Tung Duong to retire

At the end of March, actor Tung Duong shared a picture of him being hospitalized. Many colleagues expressed concern and wished the actor good health.

Sharing with GiadinhNet, the actor said that after 10 days in the hospital, he was discharged home for treatment. However, his health is only temporary, has improved a bit and still needs regular monitoring.

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Image of actor Tung Duong hospitalized at the end of March 2022.

“I discovered that I had a heart attack a long time ago, and I have been hospitalized several times. As of last March 30, maybe due to work pressure, life pressure such as living alone, raising a 13-year-old daughter – at a difficult age, she felt psychological trauma at times. Everything piled up into a worsening heart disease. When he was normal, he had a heart attack, his blood pressure spiked, so he went to the emergency room.

I have been discharged from the hospital for 2 days to go home for treatment, but this disease must be long-term. The doctor said that my disease doesn’t need surgery, I can’t solve the root of my disease, so I can only treat it as an outpatient.”he said.

Tung Duong also said that after returning home for treatment, he not only took care of himself, but also took care of his 13-year-old youngest daughter, who was in the age of play.

“During the hospital stay, I was alone because I was still able to walk and take care of myself, my daughter every 2-3 days. Hoa Thuy (ex-wife) sometimes calls to visit and once visited with her eldest daughter. At home, I take care of myself and take care of my children.

This disease is sudden, so it is also dangerous, and the scene where the rooster raises children has many problems, but in this situation, I have to accept it and live happily. At home every day, I measure my blood pressure by myself, it still goes up and down erratically during the day, sometimes I don’t dare to measure it for fear of worrying about psychological effects. But I determined that living with the disease should stay as optimistic as possible to make the disease progress more positively.” Tung Duong added.

Because of this disease, according to the actor, from 3-4 years ago, even though he received an invitation, he could not participate in the movie anymore.

“Since a few years ago, due to heart disease, the progress is not optimistic, so I can’t act anymore. In general, I have retired because my health is not guaranteed, but I have to stay at home to write scripts.” the actor said.

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Actor Tung Duong was born in 1969, is a familiar face to the audience when he has taken on many roles in dramas such as: Mysterious Journey, Happy Singles, Silver Swamp, Smooth River, Borderline Underground… Over the years, he has been involved in the writing and training of young actors. The most recent broadcast film written by Tung Duong is Stealth man.

Success impresses the audience on screen, but in real life, Tung Duong’s private life encounters many difficulties. The actor born in 1969 has been divorced three times. He married his first wife at the age of 25 but soon divorced after both welcomed their first daughter.

In 1996, Tung Duong participated in the movie Live forever with the capital, met his second wife, actress Hoa Thuy. However, the small family of three only lived happily together for 7 years and then “went their separate ways”, parting peacefully. Currently, the two still maintain a relationship of friends, taking care of and taking care of their daughter together.

Actor’s marriage Judge with a third wife also lasted only a short time. In 2020, the actor revealed that he had divorced his partner 17 years younger.

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