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In March 2022, VinFast sold nearly 3,500 cars

Specifically, VinFast has handed over 2,567 Fadil cars, 309 Lux A2.0 cars, 183 Lux SA2.0 cars and 412 VF e34 cars to customers in March 2022. With a total of 3,471 cars, the number of VinFast cars sold to the market in March was three times higher than in February 2022.

In March 2022, VinFast sold nearly 3,500 cars - 1

VinFast Business, Trading and Service Company Limited announced its auto business results in March 2022, with a total of 3,471 cars sold.

VinFast Fadil continues to be the most popular model and led VinFast’s sales in March, with 2,567 cars sold. Meanwhile, the electric car model VF e34 has initially solved the problem of component supply when handing over 412 cars to customers.

Accumulating the end of the first quarter of 2022, VinFast has sold a total of 6,728 cars, including 4,665 Fadil cars, 678 Lux A2.0 cars, 880 Lux SA2.0 cars and 505 VF e34 cars.

In March 2022, VinFast sold nearly 3,500 cars - 2

The company’s March business results car Vietnam VinFast.

In April 2022, VinFast is still applying an attractive incentive program for all car models. In which, three petrol car models including VinFast Lux SA2.0, Lux A2.0 and Fadil are all enjoying a 50% discount on registration fees from the Government for domestically manufactured and assembled cars. With two Lux models, VinFast also offers an additional 50% of the registration fee and offers 20 million VND in cash to all customers who buy Lux A2.0 cars; 80 million VND for Lux SA2.0 advanced and premium versions; 100 million VND for Lux SA2.0 Standard version.

The VF e34 electric car series is enjoying a 0% registration fee under the Government’s policy of supporting and encouraging cars to use clean energy. In addition, VinFast also offers an optional advanced feature package worth VND 60 million, a 2.2 kW mobile charger and a series of other attractive incentives for pioneer customers to own electric cars in Vietnam. .

All VinFast cars, including petrol and electric cars, come with a 10-year genuine warranty – the best on the market. In addition, VinFast is also a pioneer in deploying Mobile Service mobile repair services in Vietnam, with privileges such as free 24/7 rescue, free parking every 6 hours at Vincom and Vinhomes on nationwide…

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