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Is it okay for babies to have hiccups a lot?

Newborn hiccups what?

Hiccups or hiccups is a physiological phenomenon that appears completely normal in children, occurs due to interruptions, involuntary contractions in the diaphragm and intercostals that cause inhaled air to suddenly stop. This causes the glottis to suddenly close and create hiccups and hiccups. Hiccups can last for a few minutes or a few times and then go away.

Is it okay for babies to have hiccups a lot?  - first

Newborn hiccups are a normal physiological phenomenon. (Illustration)

Is it okay for babies to have hiccups a lot?

In fact, most babies are not affected too much by hiccups and hiccups are not dangerous. However, if it happens often, continuously and for a long time, it will make the child feel uncomfortable, vomiting or short of breath, tired. This time. Mothers should look for tips to treat hiccups in babies.

Causes of hiccups in babies

Infants and children under 1 year of age are the most susceptible to hiccups. Hiccups in babies can occur from a number of reasons such as:

– Due to bottle feeding:

While the baby is nursing, the air from the bottle is accidentally swallowed by the baby along with the milk. When the baby suckles continuously and many times, it irritates the lungs, causing the diaphragm to constrict and create hiccups.

– Sudden change in air temperature:

The temperature changes suddenly when the mother takes the baby from a cool, comfortable room to the cold or hot sun. Air will enter the lungs and cause hiccups in babies.

– Baby with gastroesophageal reflux:

This phenomenon usually occurs because the acid in the baby’s stomach goes back into the esophagus, mostly baby hiccups This is because the baby’s digestive system is not yet fully developed, causing acid reflux.

– The baby is too full:

When the baby is too full, it will accompany the problem of swallowing air into the stomach, leading to hiccups. However, after about 5-10 minutes, the baby’s body can balance itself and stop hiccups.

– Children with allergies:

Some babies may be allergic to mother milk or formula should lead to inflammation of the esophagus and cause hiccups.

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Newborns with prolonged hiccups are prone to vomiting. (Illustration)

Children with asthma:

In the case of asthma, the bronchopulmonary tubes will be easily inflamed leading to restriction of air flow into the lungs, the baby will wheeze, cause the diaphragm to constrict and cause the baby to hiccups.

– Baby breathes polluted air:

Babies’ respiratory systems are not yet fully developed, so if they breathe in smoke or polluted air, they will be very susceptible to coughing. Coughing too much will damage the baby’s diaphragm.

Folk tips to cure hiccups for babies

Perform back massage for baby

When an infant hiccups, it may be caused by the mother laying the baby down immediately after feeding or holding, shaking the baby vigorously. Ideally, after the baby is finished feeding, let the baby sit upright or lie right on the mother’s belly, gently massage on the baby’s back in a circle. This will help your baby stop hiccups faster.

Let your baby sit up straight after nursing

If your baby has hiccups right after breastfeeding, you should keep the baby upright (for babies who can already sit) for about 15 minutes. Placing your baby in this position will help relax the diaphragm, relieve pressure, and reduce hiccups.

Gently cover the baby’s ear

Mother gently used 2 fingers and covered the baby’s ears for about half a minute. If the baby still hiccups, continue to do 3-4 more times. However, the mother should not cover the baby’s ears for more than 30 seconds and do it gently so that the baby does not hurt the ear.

Using a pacifier

If the nipple in the bottle is too small or too large, try changing the pacifier to fit your baby or giving the baby a pacifier so that the baby does not swallow air from the bottle. The sucking of a pacifier will help relax the diaphragm, prevent hiccups from appearing and lasting in the baby.

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Folk tips to cure hiccups for babies. (Illustration)

Change breastfeeding position

Babies often swallow air, causing hiccups due to wrong feeding position. In this case, the mother can replace the breastfeeding position by sitting, lying down, standing to breastfeed to limit air into the baby’s mouth.

Play with your baby to forget the hiccups

Contractions are usually triggered, triggered by nerve impulses that cause hiccups. Therefore, if you find that your baby has hiccups, you can play some games such as peek-a-boo, play with toys to make your baby forget hiccups.

Scratching your child’s lips or ears

Use your fingers and gently scratch your baby’s lips or ears about 60 times. This tip will help the baby relax, the nerves affect the respiratory tract to help reduce and stop hiccups quickly in babies.

Make your baby cry

If the baby cries, the esophageal nerves will be dilated and the irritation to the diaphragm will be cut off. Therefore, the hiccups of babies will quickly decrease.

Let your baby stop hiccups

If the baby hiccups less, you can let the baby stop his hiccups by putting him to rest, not to touch and intervene.

Use betel leaves

According to folk remedies, betel leaves are warm, hot leaves containing essential oils that bring anti-cold effects, lower gas, reduce swelling and have good antiseptic properties. To treat hiccups in babies, mothers can use betel leaves to keep warm, not too hot, to avoid burning the baby’s skin, and then apply it on the baby’s forehead for about 2-3 minutes.

Use a mat or paper

Use small objects such as mats and stickers on the area between the ends of your baby’s eyebrows. This will make your baby’s body have a natural reflex, pay attention to objects placed on the forehead and forget about the ongoing hiccups.

Should babies with hiccups breastfeed?

When the baby hiccups, the mother can give the baby more breast milk to reduce or help the baby stop hiccups quickly. Breast milk will help the diaphragm and intercostal muscles relax and stabilize the baby’s body. In addition, breast milk also helps to supplement minerals and vitamins to strengthen the baby’s resistance, limit the situation of babies hiccups a lot. However, the mother should not let the baby suckle too much or when the baby is nursing, if the baby hiccups, the mother should stop breastfeeding.

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Massage gently to treat hiccups for children. (Illustration)

Infant hiccups should not do?

Although hiccups in babies can be treated and fixed quickly and simply. However, if the mother does not treat it, it will lead to the wrong treatment, prolonging the condition, and vomiting. You should not do these things when your baby has hiccups:

– Do not drink cold water: The digestive system of the newborn is not stable and weak, so the mother should not give the child cold water or fruit juices to treat hiccups.

– Do not pat the baby on the back hard: The skeleton of a newborn is still soft, when it is impacted from the outside, it will be very damaged.

– Do not raise your voice or threaten your child: Parents should not yell, scare, or raise their voice at the baby when the child hiccups. This will make your baby more prone to hiccups, protracted, and panicky.

– Press on the baby’s eyeball: Newborns are too young, do not know how to control their own eyes, so if they do, it will make them uncomfortable and painful. The mother should not press on the baby’s eyeball, even if it is very gently pressed and rubbed.

– Do not pull the child’s tongue: Absolutely do not use this method because it can make the child panic, affecting the baby’s health.

– Vibrating and rocking the baby up and down: When the baby is having hiccups, it is best to put the baby to rest, do not shake the baby or roll over to stop the hiccups. It even makes the baby panic, vomit and regurgitate the stomach.

– Do not panic, worry: Hiccups in babies are completely normal, so parents should not panic.

How to prevent hiccups in babies

To reduce and limit infant hiccups, mothers should do a few things:

– Feed the baby in the correct position.

– Do not force your baby to eat too much, divide into several meals a day.

– Do not let your baby listen to music while breastfeeding or eating.

– Adjust the nipple to fit, make sure the baby fully covers the nipple, avoiding the air and the baby’s stomach.

– If the baby is drinking milk, please support the baby’s back. This position will help food go straight into the stomach, without air entering.

– Do not let your baby sleep while drinking from a bottle, which will cause air to enter the baby’s mouth.

– Cleaning nipples to ensure that any residual dry milk is removed and hygiene requirements are met.

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