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Kindergartens in Hanoi are ready to welcome children back

From April 13, preschool students of Hanoi will go back to school. For many parents with preschool-aged children, this must be a much-awaited time. But there’s fun, there’s also worry. Happy that the children can go to school to meet teachers and friends, study and have fun after a whole year of stay at home because of the epidemic, but surely there are also concerns about disease safety.

Despite the hard work, the teachers and staff in the schools are all eagerly waiting for the day to return to work after a long time off due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hanoi kindergartens are ready to welcome children back - Photo 1.

Teaching tools and children’s toys are cleaned and disinfected, neatly arranged, ready to welcome children to school. Photo: Thanh Tung – VNA

More than a year ago, kitchen utensils Nursery school No. 3, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi, has just been brought out for cleaning. It took 6 people to clean together and it took a day to finish the kitchen. The kitchen is clean and the menu is ready for the first day of school.

In each classroom, there are many small corners for children to participate in games, dust and dirt clinging from drawers to items. Every water tank is black. It takes at least 2 days of continuous cleaning, the new classroom is clean and neat as before.

In addition, the reception of students at the school gate, creating a friendly atmosphere for the first-time children, is rehearsed many times. More than 80% of parents of Kindergarten No. 3 have registered to send their children to school.

Even though it’s a holiday, the teachers still do not hesitate to stay with the thought of trying a little harder, everything is neater and more organized so as not to betray the trust and love of each family.

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