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“Kingdom Nhat Duong Chi” revealed who replaced VS Vu Hai as Deputy Grand Master of Thang Long Vo Dao


On April 10, senior master Vu Hai permanently left the martial arts village because of pancreatic cancer, leaving great grief in the hearts of martial arts lovers in Hanoi and friends in the country. both international.

Sharing with us before this loss, Master Nguyen Van Thang – Master of the Thang Long Vo Dao Sect, who was once praised as “Southeast Asia’s first domestic work” and is also the brother of Master Vu Hai. expressed his gratitude to his colleague:

When I heard that Master Vu Hai had passed away, I felt dumbfounded and mourned for him. First of all, I would also like to bring a heart and affection of the sect, as the Grand Master, I would like to send my condolences to Master Vu Hai and the entire family and relatives of Master Vu Hai. most necessary.

Although I am nominally in the sect, I am the superior and have also led martial arts master Vu Hai for many years, but I have always admired him very much. Master Vu Hai is also a person with many responsibilities, not only contributing to Hanoi martial arts, to Vietnamese martial arts and especially he has devoted a lot to Thang Long Vo Dao.

As the Deputy General Secretary of the Hanoi Martial Arts Association for the past 3 courses, I remember about ten years ago, as the Deputy Grand Master of the Thang Long Vo Dao sect, the director of the Thang Long Vo Dao bodyguard company, Master Vu Hai has made a lot of contributions to the development of the martial arts discipline as well as the martial arts movement in the country and internationally.

The great man Nhat Duong Chi

The departure of martial artist Vu Hai leaves a deep sorrow for the martial arts world in Hanoi

Ky Nhat Duong Chi

Grandmaster Nguyen Van Thang is a fellow disciple and brother of master Vu Hai

I still remember very well since the establishment of the Hanoi Martial Arts Association in 1987 and 1988, me and my father (the late Master Van Nhan) were the main members of the first executive committee and the next generation. Master Vu Hai. Through the ups and downs of the martial arts movement with many difficulties, Master Vu Hai has always remained attached, enthusiastic and made many contributions to the development roadmap of the martial art in particular and the Hanoi Martial Arts Association in general. The whole Hanoi martial arts village recognized and admired.

The beauty of martial arts master Vu Hai is that he is one of the few masters who have made a mark in the field of cinematic art. That is also the pride of Thang Long Martial Arts sect.

Previously, Master Vu Hai also told me that he still had many plans and ideals, but because of his sudden departure, that wish was still unfinished. I would also like to express my determination on behalf of the sect to contribute to promoting the martial arts movement in the country, thereby promoting the spirit of martial arts. As we all know, martial arts masters are often very difficult, very poor, frugal, master Vu Hai used to be like that, but he always sticks to his heart and pursues his passion.”


Grandmaster Nguyen Van Thang – who was once praised as a “King Man” with his best technique Nhat Duong Chi, revealed more about his memories with Master Vu Hai many years ago:

In the past, my father (the late martial artist Van Nhan) was the one who taught martial arts to me and Vu Hai. In terms of names in the sect, we call each other brothers, so we also have many memories. Many years ago, I opened 38 centers in different localities, including one in the area of ​​Hai Ba Trung Pagoda. At that time, there were some masters who also wanted to come over to find a story, but Master Vu Hai with his bravery put them all away, helping the sect operate stably.

Every year, on the occasion of the 10th of October, there is an ancestor’s death anniversary, I always honor martial arts master Vu Hai in front of the sect. I also know some secrets such as the close-quarter jutsu that I taught the French police, because master Vu Hai liked it, I also supported him with some moves, police movements, commandos, and more. especially the digital art of hidden weapons and martial arts master Vu Hai was also a very famous person after that.”

The great man Nhat Duong Chi

The Grand Master’s daughter, along with another master, will inherit the roles of Master Vu Hai in the Thang Long Vo Dao sect.

Grandmaster Nguyen Van Thang also acknowledged that Thang Long sect had difficulty in finding someone to take on the role of Deputy Grand Master to replace martial artist Vu Hai:

“After receiving the news that Master Vu Hai had passed away, yesterday (April 11), representatives of the Thang Long Vo Dao sect also met to find a replacement for the role that Master Vu Hai left. It’s not easy to find someone like him, but it is expected that in the immediate future, I will appoint two people to replace Vu Hai, one is my daughter (Master Nguyen Thi Ngoc Linh) to hold the title of Deputy Grand Master in terms of the organization. and the second is Master Le Chi Cuong in charge of expertise. The two will work together to grasp the situation and develop activities to succeed Master Vu Hai.”

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