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Lee Byung Hyun and Lee Jung Jae to play ‘Squid Game’ part 2

Appearing at Deadline’s Contenders Television event in Los Angeles with actor Park Hae Soo, director Hwang Dong Hyuk confirmed two actors Lee Jung Jae and Lee Byung Hun will return in the sequel of “Squid game”. play squid).

Lee Byung Hyun and Lee Jung Jae will play 'Squid Game' part 2 - 1

Lee Jung Jae and Lee Byung Hun will return in part 2 “Squid game”.

I said: “Seong Gi Hun (Lee Jung Jae) will definitely return. I believe in his return, and I also believe that Front Man (Lee Byung Hun) will come back“. The ending of the last episode hints at Seong Gi Hun’s return, but while it is implied that Front Man will appear in season 2, this is the first time the director has confirmed this to the media and audience.

Earlier, when asked about the cast for the second season, director Hwang Dong Hyuk jokingly said, “Cho Sang Woo’s (Park Hae Soo) twin brother or Kang Sae Byeok’s (Jung Ho Yeon) twin sister may appear.”

Park Hae Soo also shared about his character Cho Sang Woo: “He’s a character you can meet in your everyday life.” He added: “I didn’t approach the character thinking he was a villain in the first place. Rather, he is a character influenced by circumstances and surroundings.”

Director Hwang Dong Hyuk commented, “I hope that projects like ‘Squid game’ open up at least a little bit of opportunity when it comes to the language barrier. I wish it became an opportunity for American audiences to watch projects without dubbing. We are hoping the film will open up more opportunities.”

He also shared about his upcoming work – “Kill old people club”: “I cannot help but consider ongoing political polarization, disparity, cultural obstacles, and climate change for my current and future projects. I will continue to observe and critique these themes and incorporate them in my works.”

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