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Neville warned coach Erik ten Hag: ‘MU can bury big names’

Former defender Gary Neville confirmed the coach Erik ten Hag can be buried if he chooses to lead Manchester United (MU) next season.

Coach Erik ten Hag is a leading candidate for the MU head coach position The Dutch strategist had a talk with the “Red Devils” leadership. According to the British press, Coach Ten Hag is highly appreciated for his philosophy Soccer The dedication and ability to build a foundation demonstrated during his time at Ajax Amsterdam or as an assistant to Pep Guardiola at Bayern Munich.

However, coming to MU is not necessarily a wise choice for coach Ten Hag – who has never coached a big team. More importantly, MU has buried the names of many famous military leaders such as Jose Mourinho, Louis van Gaal. Nine years of comprehensive failure caused the Old Trafford team to be mocked by former defender Gary Neville as a “famous graveyard” with top coaches.

“I doubt whether Ralf Rangnick will be honest with Ten Hag, whether Donny van de Beek (Ten Hag’s former student, currently on the MU payroll) will be honest with Ten Hag. I believe they will advise Ten Hag to be careful when coming to MU, because this team is a famous grave for anyone.

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Coach Ralf Rangnick is bogged down at MU


Coach Rangnick came to MU with a great reputation, but he is gradually hurt by what is happening around. Rangnick is weakened and more sensitive by the performances of players who don’t want to fight for him.

Coach Ole Solskjaer is a great man, loved by the players, but they also don’t want to play for him. MU is in a very difficult situation, “said Gary Neville.

Having won 17 major titles in his career at MU, Neville understands the difficulties of the “Red Devils”. The former English defender thinks that no MU player can squeeze into the main squad of Liverpool and Man City – two rivals are racing for the championship title.

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MU is showing a weak and disappointing face


“I have very little to say about MU. I am not angry or want to comment any more. This team is a farce. The players were dragging Coach Rangnick down with them. MU played too poorly.

Look Man City and Liverpool and see. Their players are extremely humble, never exaggerating their ego. They understand their own abilities.

No MU player can compete for the position at Liverpool and Man City, so why do they promote their ego so much? Why do they think they don’t need to work hard or play with such high spirits?”, Neville asked.

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Will coach Erik ten Hag drown with MU like Ralf Rangnick now?


Above English Premier League standingsMU is ranked 7th, less than the last Champions League spot of Tottenham 6 point distance.

After the match against Norwich City, the “Red Devils” had to be a guest on Liverpool’s field in round 34. MU needed to win all the remaining 7 matches and wait for Tottenham to lose at least 2 of the last 5 matches to be in the tournament. Champions League next season.

According to the British press, MU will “major surgery” on the squad this summer if Coach Erik ten Hag appointed.

Besides Paul Pogba (out of contract), some names like Juan Mata, Jesse Lingard can leave. Cristiano Ronaldo there is also the possibility of finding a new team if MU Can’t get a ticket Champions League.

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