Real estate investment opportunities in new investment channels today

Real estate investment opportunities 2022

What should I invest with 1 billion? If you have 1 billion in hand, surely investing in real estate is still the first choice because of its high sustainability and great profitability. However, with the diversity in investment forms, real estate is no longer a large capital investment channel.

It is not necessary that you have billions in hand, but sometimes you only need a few dozen, a few hundred million, you can “get rich” thanks to real estate. That is why real estate investment opportunities are always open to financial players.

According to the market outlook in 2022, real estate investment opportunities are still extremely potential, even though real estate prices have increased due to inflation. However, with the development of infrastructure and economic support packages, real estate always has the opportunity to be profitable at any stage.

In particular, with policies from the bank, in order to relieve the high disbursement pressure, you can completely borrow money to buy investment real estate with a capital of 0 dong. It is noteworthy that most of the current transactions are concentrated in the land plot segment.

Besides the real estate investment channel, what other opportunities are worth trying?

Not every form of investment today requires large capital or the ability to rotate evenly. Therefore, in addition to real estate, you have many other options. Here are some attractive investment forms besides real estate investment channel that you can consider:

Bank savings

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Invest idle money easily

Bank deposit is the simplest, safest and fastest way to invest idle money. When you need money, you can easily withdraw your savings. This investment option is the most popular, but the value of money deposited is easily reduced if inflation is high.


Buying and selling gold is the traditional investment channel with the lowest risk. Investment profits from gold will be very high if there are fluctuations from the dollar price, oil price,… However, this fluctuation is very unpredictable and the State does not encourage this form of investment.


Among investment channels, securities still have the highest return rates. Even if your capital is small, with the boom of the stock market, the profits you get are still very attractive. However, high returns always come with high risks.


Another form of investment is that you lend money to businesses, also known as buying bonds. When the payment is due, you will receive both principal and interest higher than the bank interest rate. However, this investment method will contain many risks.

European Investment

With the form of investment in Europe by investing some money in buying or renting real estate, investing in tourism and social projects, buying government bonds,… European investment is also a potential options worth considering.

Real estate

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Real estate still offers potential opportunities

If you mention Real estate investment opportunitySurely everyone immediately thinks of a large amount of capital, billions of dollars, enough to buy and sell a house. However, with today’s diversified development, you can invest in real estate from just 100 million.

To invest in real estate, you can buy, own, manage, rent or resell purchased real estate. The stability of this investment method is also higher than other forms. So, whatever investment 100 million or 200 million you have, real estate is still the most attractive option.

It can be seen that real estate investment opportunities in new channels still occupy the full position. Thanks to its stability, safety, high profit without requiring too large capital. To share your experiences in financial investment, please join the courses of the NIK Education Organization. Here, you will be led by leading experts and enhance your chances of profit from attractive investment channels.


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