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Rejuvenate, become a proud owner

From many years back here, baby cheek injection It has become a very popular beauty treatment method. According to the promotion from the beauty salon, this procedure helps to improve the condition of sunken cheeks or high cheekbones with fillers without using cutlery. The benefits are brought to PR regularly such as helping women rejuvenate, look more blessed and radiant, luck is also sublimated and smoother.

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Baby cheek filler injection is a method of filling sunken cheeks by injecting filler (filler) into the dermis of the cheek skin.

This method is famous from Korea – the cradle of the field of darkening surgery resounding throughout Asia in particular and the whole world in general. Baby cheek injections also create a new standard of beauty, making chubby faces completely replace the sharp Vline chin of many years ago. Even many women want their face to be round and a bit ‘puffy’, causing people to argue endlessly about beauty, while enjoying their life more and more rich and rich.

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Formerly a supermodel with sharp cheekbones in the “high fashion” standard, Lan Khue has become more and more beautiful since entering the moat of her husband’s family – businessman John Tuan Nguyen. People realize that she is not only as white as rice, her charisma is increasingly radiant, but even her characteristic cheekbones are now plump. Not only sunken cheeks, but also wrinkles on the cheeks or smile lines are also significantly improved.

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Doan Di Bang often actively promotes the benefits of cheek injections. Previously, the beauty owned a relatively sharp square face. This beauty trick helps the female giant in District 7 ‘reverse aging’, confidently showing off her shiny skin without any signs of time.

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Compared to other proud bridesmaids, Mina Pham loves her baby face, is too chubby, causing people to argue constantly. However, it must be affirmed that she looks really young, not to mention the life in silk that makes the sisters admire endlessly.

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It is no coincidence that this mother of two has the nickname “Huyen Baby”. Baby capital from a young age, but in order to maintain a long-term youth, the bride of the 80 billion mansion often looks for beauty methods without dissection, incision, mainly injections. She constantly “maintains” beauty by injecting fillers into her chin, lips, nose or cheeks.

Beauty method

Although the marriage was not as fulfilling as expected, there was a time when Diep Lam Anh’s life was the desire of many women. In order to create the image of the current powerful mistress, Diep Lam Anh also relied on the injection of baby cheeks to make the facial contours less sharp, no longer attached to the model image like the Next Top Model era.

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Hien Ho is also a very successful case of “changing luck” thanks to injections of baby cheeks. From a girl with a difficult childhood, the voice of “Meet but don’t stay” took only a few years to get out of poverty when the songs continuously became hits, the price of sand skyrocketed, bought a G63 car and bought branded goods without regret. . However, there are also opinions that the female singer abuses this method too much, so her beauty is increasingly ‘dull’.

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Already a U35 lady, but Min is still full of life and constantly releases songs that are suitable for Gen Z. Appearance plays a big part in Min’s success, especially her plump cheeks. different from the old days. It is also a prerequisite to help her ‘hack age’ successfully, her career to advance rapidly without being bored with her juniors.

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Since 2017, Maya has completely publicized the “overhaul” process in Korea after becoming a single mother. Owning the original beauty is quite beautiful, but Maya thinks that her face is quite ‘dull’ due to long and angular, high cheekbones. Since she lifted her face, erased wrinkles, dark circles under her eyes, injected baby cheeks, her life seems to be calmer, less market-oriented.

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