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Safe and Effective Measures to Stop Menstruation

Regular menstrual cycle, no menorrhagia or irregular periods is the common wish of our daughter because the symptoms of menstrual disorders have many potential risks for reproductive health.

However, menstruation can also spoil our mood and experience during important occasions such as swimming competitions, mountain climbing/trekking or general excursions and beach trips in general. private.

2 safe and effective ways to help women postpone menstruation: This summer, if you plan to go to the beach, you must carry these tips right away!  - Photo 1.

There is nothing more miserable than “falling strawberries” on a date out, taking an exam or in important events

Understanding the feeling of shedding tears when going out, taking exams, … but having to struggle with the uncomfortable feeling of “dropping strawberries”, we boldly suggest you 2 safe, low-risk ways. and effective for delaying or stopping menstruation.

Foods that delay menstruation

Women who have regular monthly menstrual cycles or a difference of about 3-5 days can postpone the red light day by eating and drinking one of the 3 foods below:

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

This is a product that is quite familiar to women in the process of cooking or beauty. However, not everyone knows that apple cider vinegar helps delay the red light day effectively because it contains a large amount of citric acid.

Continuously ingesting citric acid into the body within 7-10 days before “falling off strawberries” will slow down the body’s estrogen production, thereby helping the period to come later.

Dilute apple cider vinegar with warm water and drink, but do not drink apple cider vinegar directly!

The method could not be simpler: Mix 1-2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar with 300ml of warm water and drink it after each meal. You should apply this trick at least 7 days before the “expected alarm” date to ensure effective!

Note: This method of delaying menstruation is simple and effective, but we do not encourage you to try it if you are suffering from stomach diseases such as stomach pain, gastroesophageal reflux, …

2. Green beans

Green beans contain a large amount of Flavonoid active ingredient, which inhibits uterine contractions, thanks to this mechanism, menstrual blood is excreted more slowly. Not to mention, green beans also have welding properties, when eaten raw will make the body reduce heat. From there, slow down the red light day.

You should eat 10-15 raw green beans, with the skin on, about 4-5 days before the “expected alarm” date.

3. Cinnamon tea

The composition of cinnamon inherently contains cinnzeylanol and cinnzeylanin – 2 active ingredients that inhibit uterine contractions, causing the process of shedding the uterine lining and pushing them out in the form of menstrual blood.

You can also add honey or a few drops of lemon juice to the cinnamon tea

You should drink cinnamon tea daily (1 cup 350-450ml per day). There are two ways for you to choose: Boil dried cinnamon sticks with hot water or mix cinnamon powder with water.

Note: If you are suffering from heart-related diseases, you should not drink cinnamon tea regularly. Health experts say that cinnamon can make the heart beat faster, not good for people with cardiovascular disease.

These foods need to be loaded into the body at least 5 days before the expected red light date. Therefore, delaying menstruation in this way, although safe and has little risk of causing menstrual disorders, but the main minus point is that it may not be effective for those who already have irregular or impossible menstrual cycles. Stop menstrual bleeding on the same day.

Take birth control pills every day to stop your period

The main ingredients of the birth control pill are estrogen and progestogen. These two hormones have been licensed by the Ministry of Health to be used in the preparation of daily oral contraceptives, which have the effect of creating an ideal vaginal environment for fertilization and preventing ovulation.

Therefore, in addition to limiting the possibility of unwanted pregnancy, daily oral contraceptives also work to delay menstruation.

2 safe and effective ways to help women postpone menstruation: This summer, if you plan to go to the beach, you must carry these tips right away!  - Photo 5.

Most daily birth control pills are numbered or listed by days of the week for easy tracking.

To delay menstruation with daily oral contraceptives, women should note:

– In case you are taking oral contraceptives: If you are using the 21-pill type of oral contraceptive, you do not need to stop taking the pill for 7 days, but continue to take the next pack on the days you need to delay your period. After that, just stop taking the drug for 3-5 days and the menstrual bleeding will appear as normal.

– If you are taking a pack of 28 pills (including 21 daily pills and 7 iron supplements), skip these 7 iron pills and continue taking the next pack of 28.

– If you are not currently using oral contraceptives, you should take a daily oral contraceptive (pack of 21 pills) from the first day of your period or when you want to stop your period. Take 1 pill a day continuously at a certain time for 3 weeks, then take it for another week (that is, take 7 more pills of the second pack), your period will be delayed.

After stopping taking the pill, menstruation will occur after a few days.

In addition to using oral contraceptives daily to stop menstruation, currently, on the market, there are many other drugs to stop menstruation. However, we do not recommend that you use specific medications for stopping periods without your doctor’s prescription.

A few notes to keep in mind before deciding to stop menstruating

Menstrual cycle is a normal physiological response of a woman’s body, when you delay the menstrual cycle, you have lost the body’s natural physiological balance. This is a practice that is not recommended by doctors to abuse because it can affect fertility later on.

If you need to delay your period, you should pay attention to a few things:

1. You should use the safest measures for health such as using natural remedies at home. If these methods don’t work, consider medication.

2. Do not arbitrarily use special medicine to stop menstruation without consulting a doctor or pharmacist.

3. Females in puberty should not use birth control pills to delay the menstrual cycle. At this time, the hormone is not stable, using the drug can cause menstrual disorders later.

2 safe and effective ways to help women postpone menstruation: This summer, if you plan to go to the beach, you must carry these tips right away!  - Photo 6. Kinh-nguyet-he-nay-ma-co-du-dinh- di-bien-chi-em-phai-dat-tui-but-bi-kip-nay-ngay-thoi-20220412192804495.chn

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