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Saving patients with isolated lungs, coughing up blood

Doctors in Can Tho have just saved a 63-year-old female patient with isolated, rare lung.

On April 8, news from Hoan My Cuu Long General Hospital said, health of a female patient with isolated lung has now recovered well, eating and living normally.

Previously, patient TTH (63 years old, living in Hau Giang) had a history of hypertensioncerebral infarction and often coughed up bright red blood mixed in sputum, no fever, outpatient treatment did not decrease, so relatives took him to Hoan My Cuu Long General Hospital.

Saving patients with isolated lungs, coughing up blood - Photo 1

The doctor caring for patient H.


Through examination and chest computed tomography (MSCT), the doctor diagnosed the patient with an isolated lung condition in the lower lobe of the left lung, complicated by superinfection causing the patient to cough up blood. After the consultation, the patient was assigned surgery Isolated left lobectomy.

The surgery took more than 1 hour and was successful. After 2 days of surgery, the patient gradually recovered and stopped coughing up blood.

MSc Tran Quoc Tuan, Department of Cardiovascular – Thoracic Surgery, Hoan My Cuu Long General Hospital, said that isolated lung is an abnormal mass of lung tissue, with no respiratory function, not communicating with the bronchial tree. , which is not supplied by the pulmonary artery. This is a rare congenital anomaly, with an estimated incidence of 0.1%. This pathology usually has 2 separate lung forms, namely intra-lobular and extra-lobular, in which the extra-lobular form accounts for about 25%, and the intra-lobular form accounts for 75%. The most common manifestation of the disease is recurrent pneumonia, cough, chest pain.

The surgical treatment of lobectomy or isolated pneumonectomy is a basic, thorough and effective method. Doctors also recommend that when patients have abnormal and prolonged signs, they should visit a doctor early for timely diagnosis and treatment.

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