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Shanghai people “creeped” after 2 weeks of blockade

According to the news agency ReutersWith a quarter of the population under lockdown, Chinese officials are increasingly concerned about the long-term economic impact of their zero-tolerance strategy with Covid-19 (zero Covid).

On April 11, the government Shanghai has classified more than 7,000 residential areas as low-risk areas when no new cases of Covid-19 have been recorded for 14 days, some specific residential areas in counties to allow people to leave their homes.

Shanghai people crept after 2 weeks of blockade - Photo 1.

People inside a blockaded area in Shanghai on April 11. Photo: Reuters

Shanghai people crept after 2 weeks of blockade - Photo 2.

People walk on the street as some places in Shanghai relax epidemic prevention measures. Photo: Reuters

While some people were allowed to leave their homes on April 12, many are still waiting for permission from the authorities due to confusion about the level of risk. A Shanghai resident said that in the morning, when the house was “opened”, she drove out of the house but soon received the news that it was delayed.

According to Ms. Ngo Kien Du – inspector of the Shanghai Health Commission, people living in lower-risk areas, known as “precautionary areas”, are still subject to control and must strictly follow the rules. strict social distancing measures.

Ms. Ngo explained: “After a long time of lockdown, many people want to go out for a breath of fresh air, buy food, medicine and get medical treatment. However, if many people gather uncontrollably, it will cause problems. potential risks to epidemic prevention and control”.

Shanghai people crept after 2 weeks of blockade - Photo 3.

Delivery people wearing protective gear place food bags in front of the gate of a residential area in Shanghai on April 11. Photo: AP

On April 11, Shanghai recorded 22,348 new asymptomatic cases of Covid-19 and 994 symptomatic cases. Thus, the total number of new asymptomatic cases in Shanghai decreased by 11% from a day earlier.

On a national scale, on April 11, China had 1,272 new cases of Covid-19 (with symptoms), up from 1,184 cases a day earlier.

In the immediate future, the Shanghai government is making efforts to reopen supermarkets, convenience stores, pharmacies, and non-essential businesses will remain closed. Amid a sharp increase in infections, the US State Department on April 11 asked US government employees who are holding non-essential positions to leave the US consulate in Shanghai.

Shanghai people crept after 2 weeks of blockade - Photo 4.

Patients leave a makeshift hospital in Shanghai on April 9. Photo: AP

China is in full or partial blockade of 45 cities, accounting for 26.4% of the population and 40.3% of the country’s GDP.

The new outbreak has added to inflationary pressure as people hoard goods, and transportation difficulties affect supply.

On April 11, Premier Li Keqiang warned China to be very vigilant against economic downturns, saying that the fight against the epidemic needed to be combined with socio-economic development.

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