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Singer Nhu Quynh sadly announced her brother’s death due to a stroke

Singer Tuong Khue died at his home in California, USA.

Tuong Khue’s real name is Le Lam Tuong Khue, born in 1972. In 1993, he and his family immigrated to the US, lived in Huntington Beach, California and started his singing career. His voice is considered warm and emotional. Tuong Khue’s featured songs include Frosty winter afternoon, People on the street, Fate…

The male singer is commented by friends and colleagues as a gentle, emotional person, but his life is full of sadness.

Singer Nhu Quynh sadly announced that her brother had died from a stroke - 1

Singer Nhu Quynh and his brother, singer Tuong Khue.

In recent years, due to many diseases such as diabetes, fatty blood, depression, poor eyesight… Tuong Khue sings less and turns to fashion design. Nhu Quynh once confided, she always felt secure when she entrusted her brother with all the design and preparation of costumes for her.

Tuong Khue is also the one who always stands behind her sister Nhu Quynh in artistic activities. He said in a sharing about his sister: “When I was a child, Quynh suffered from rheumatism and many other diseases. I was the one who took care of her. Although she was sick, she never stopped thinking about her family. Since pursuing a professional singing career, I always think about how to make sure my children and parents don’t suffer. If I can do anything to support the family, my sister doesn’t mind.”

Recently, singer Nhu Quynh continuously received sad news. Last year, her beloved father, musician Le Van Chanh, passed away.

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