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“Someone loved me and then that person loved another”

In the mysterious new project teaser, Minh Hang showing a new image, more loving and seductive than before. In the middle of the romantic Saigon night sky, the female singer shines with radiant and attractive beauty.

According to the “Sweet Trap” star, this project is a small gift she gave to her fans before becoming “someone’s wife”. Minh Hang expressed the reason for releasing a new spiritual product at this time: “I feel like this is the right time and I need to do something, say something to my audience.”

Teaser “Bus Show” – Minh Hang

Nearly a month ago, Minh Hang announced that she was getting married in the middle of this year. Therefore, in recent days, she has also been busy preparing for the big day, wedding dress… and implementing a new project. However, both events are clearly divided by Minh Hang, not overlapping each other.

About to get married, Minh Hang suddenly shared:

Minh Hang says: “From the time I came up with the idea to the day of the show, it took more than a week. In terms of life, I arrange it carefully, but the idea of ​​​​art comes very suddenly. Therefore, whenever I have an idea, I I will start racing and do it right away. Everything at the moment is always in a state of ‘overload’.” In addition, Minh Hang revealed that her boyfriend was very supportive of this project.

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The video teasing the mysterious new project is short, but reveals many details that her fans must be looking forward to. Will Minh Hang share unfinished love stories, or will she talk about love with her husband? Will this be an opportunity for the singer-actress to release all her heart before becoming “returning to the palace”? All these questions will be answered on 4/14. other people-2022041214511664.chn

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