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Spending money to buy land to make a parking space, 20 years later, my hands are tired

The story behind the woman in Hong Kong (China) who earns tens of billions of dollars every year from renting a parking space makes many people exclaim!

Entering the beginning of the 21st century, society is increasingly progressive, the economy is growing, many people are also becoming richer. Basically, in urban areas, almost every household owns a car, this is an outward manifestation of economic and social development.

But it also entails inadequacies because not every household that buys a car has a space to park. As a result, many people have to accept parking on the side of the road, accepting large fines for improper parking.

Going back to the past, in the 1990s, cars were a type of vehicle that was not really popular. Even in Hong Kong (China), the number of cars on the road at that time was very small. Although the number of cars is not as many as it is now, in those years, parking spaces were the same as now – extremely scarce!

There was a woman who saw potential that no one else saw and became a legend.

Wind waves in the marketplace

Lieu Suong Tue was born into a business family. Her mother is in charge of the business of building materials, the business is not too big but it is also quite good.

Mrs. Lieu grew up in a business environment, under the guidance of her mother, so from an early age, she helped her mother run and take care of the business instead of shopping, eating and playing. She later married the banker.

But things did not go smoothly. The economic crisis took place, causing Lieu Suong Tue’s business to suffer. Not resigned to failure, Ms. Lieu and her husband turned their pain into strength and decided to invest in real estate.

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Lieu Suong Tue. Photo: Sohu

In the 90s of the last century, this was an area in the development period, the big investors poured capital into real estate, building skyscrapers, trading in advanced equipment. …

Going against the trend, a woman named Lieu Suong Tue has invested all her capital and efforts in the parking lot.

Recklessly buy parking despite public opinion

For people at that time, buying a car was a difficult thing, getting a parking space was a heavenly thing. Because with the great development of the times, more and more people drive personal cars.

Moreover, investors at that time thought that the investment cost in parking was high, and the return on investment was low, so no one developed this segment. This leads to many private cars with no place to stop, lying in the sun and wind.

Seeing the business opportunity in it, Lieu Suong Tue has put all his assets to own 180 parking spaces. After that, just by renting a parking space, that woman earned tens of billions and was called by many people as “Parking Queen”.

Before Liao Suong Tue made huge money from renting parking spaces, many people voiced their disagreement with her decision to invest in parking. Some people even mocked, saying that this woman is really too reckless!

Facing bad rumors about her, Lieu Suong Tue simply replied that he did not have enough money and was afraid of the risks when investing in real estate, so he decided to invest in the parking lot.

In the end, beyond everyone’s expectations, Lieu Suong Tue was a great success.

The success of Lieu Suong Tue really made countless people jealous. Many people rushed to buy parking spaces, thinking they might push her down. But everything backfired.

Lieu Suong Tue’s business is more and more known, because she was the first to explore this market, the investment cost is low, and she can afford to compete on price.


Illustration. Photo: Info.news

The result of ‘making money sitting idle’

Lieu Suong Tue’s unique vision and analytical ability paved the way for her later success. Currently, she owns a fortune worth up to 31.4 billion Hong Kong dollars. When it comes to Lieu Suong Tue, everyone is surprised.

The precious thing about this woman is that when she “made a fortune”, Lieu Suong Tue did not forget to contribute to society. She established 2 charities and raised $400 million Hong Kong.

Moreover, Ms. Lieu is also on the list of Forbes. Her son inherited the family fortune from his parents, bringing the business to prosperity. Lieu Suong Tue’s daughter started her own business. Loved coffee, so and established her own coffee brand, with very good sales, so she was named “Coffee Queen”.

When starting a business, no one could predict the success of Lieu Suong Tue. Even at that time she did the “crazy” thing that no one else did. Thanks to her vision and determination, the businesswoman has succeeded beyond imagination.

So what we need to do is change ourselves, learn to adapt to the changes of the times. Famous entrepreneurs like Jack Ma, Jeff Bezos, they are all extremely successful people and inspire the majority of young entrepreneurs.

People only see their aura when they are at the peak of their career, many people are jealous but few can see how much effort is behind it.

According to Sohu, Info.news

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