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Stir-fry vegetables with cold water or hot water?

Stir-fried vegetables often appear on the Vietnamese family’s rice tray, but not everyone knows how to stir-fry delicious, green vegetables.

Stir-fry vegetables with cold water or hot water?  The chef revealed a surprise-1

Vegetables are an indispensable ingredient in meal healthy, especially green vegetables. Eating a lot of green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, collard greens and bok choy has been shown to help reduce the risk of many chronic diseases such as obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure and cognitive decline.

Green vegetables are also the top foods to help prevent cancer. Most green vegetables contain antioxidants that help protect the body from free radicals.

Green vegetables can be processed in many ways such as boiled, fried, steamed, cooked in soup, made salad, etc., in which stir-fried vegetables are preferred by many people because of their delicious and rich flavor.

In the process of stir-frying vegetables, many people often add a little water to ensure that the vegetables are cooked well and do not stick to the pot, but they wonder if it is better to put cold water or hot water?

In fact, according to the chef’s disclosure, both of these ways are not correct. To have delicious and green vegetables like in the store, you can refer to the method below:


Stir-fry vegetables with cold water or hot water?  The chef revealed a surprise-2

– Chickpeas (or greens of your choice)

– Minced garlic

– Salt

– Seasoning

– Lard

Note that to have a delicious stir-fried vegetable dish, you need to pay attention right from the stage of choosing ingredients. You need to choose bunches of fresh green vegetables, not wilted, decayed or damaged, crushed.


– Cut off the root of bok choy and remove the deep and yellowed leaves. If you want the vegetable plate to be more beautiful, you can use a knife to cut off the base of the vegetable. Then wash the vegetables several times with clean water, then take them out and let them dry.

– Put enough pork fat in the pan. When the fat is about 70% hot, add the minced garlic and fry until fragrant.

Stir-fry vegetables with cold water or hot water?  The chef revealed a surprise-3

– After the garlic is fragrant, pour in the green vegetables and sauté over high heat until slightly cooked.

– Sprinkle a little salt and a little seasoning powder, stir-fry for about half a minute over high heat, turn off the heat and remove the pot.

Stir-fry vegetables with cold water or hot water?  The chef revealed a surprise-4

Note, if you want to stir-fry delicious green vegetables, remember not to add cold or hot water when stir-frying. Because after washing, vegetables still have some water left on the surface, while the green vegetables themselves also contain water.

If you add water to stir-fry, stir-fried vegetables will be watery and taste bland. As long as the vegetables are fresh, you don’t need to add a single drop of water when sautéing, just add one thing: lard.

Stir-frying vegetables with lard will prevent the vegetables from releasing a lot of water, ensuring that the vegetables are crispy and soft. At the same time, lard also covers vegetables, making vegetables not exposed to air, not turning yellow or black when stir-fried.

In addition, vegetables must be sautéed quickly over high heat to keep the green color and not water. If you keep the heat to medium or low and prolong the frying time, the vegetables will easily change color to yellow, release a lot of water, and the vegetables after stir-frying will look less attractive and the taste will not be good.

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