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Taiwan publishes wartime survival manual for the first time

Taiwan’s Self-Defense Force has released a handbook for the first time to guide citizens on how to respond in the event of war, as the island closely monitors developments in Eastern Europe and concerns over bilateral relations. on the shores of the Taiwan Strait.

Taiwan’s handbook, released on April 12, details how to find bomb shelters through a mobile app, water and food supplies, as well as how to prepare first aid kits, according to Reuters.

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Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen visited Taiwan’s reserve forces in March 2022


“(We) provide information on what people should do if there is a crisis military or other disasters in the future,” Liu Tai-yi, an official with Taiwan’s reserve force management agency, told an online news conference.

These guidelines will help people stay safe and survive disasters, he added.

The handbook references similar guidelines issued by Sweden and Japan, and includes localized information such as the locations of shelters, hospitals and essential stores, Mr. Liu said. Products.

The handbook uses the form of comics as well as images to teach people how to respond to a military attack, such as how to identify air raid sirens or shelter from missiles.

The plan to publish the manual was already in place before Russia sent troops into Ukraine. However, Taiwan has raised its defensive alert level since hostilities broke out in Ukraine. Before that, leader Tsai Ing-wen had repeatedly vowed to protect the island and was overseeing a program modernization large-scale defense force.

China see Taiwan is part of its territory and does not rule out the possibility of using force for reunification. Over the past two years, Beijing has increased its military and economic pressure on Taipei.

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