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The feat of exercising to keep your body in shape-Beauty

Tuesday, April 12, 2022 19:00 PM (GMT+7)

She has an impressive height with a toned and balanced body.

Miss Da Nang 1.8m high: The feat of exercising to keep her body in shape - 1

Dieu Ngoc shows off her sexy body in swimwear.

Dieu Ngoc was once known as Miss Ao Dai 2016. After that, she participated in the international beauty arena, although she did not win an award, the beauty gradually left a mark in the hearts of beauty fans. She also shared many times about her life with fans. In it, the beauty’s attention when frankly expressing her long-legged views – giants. Dieu Ngoc’s statement “100 Miss Misses, there are 99 great couples” by Dieu Ngoc received many reactions.

After many years of showbiz activities, Dieu Ngoc is still one of the beautiful and charming faces of the Vietnamese entertainment industry. Along with Miss Mai Phuong Thuy, Huynh Tien, Dieu Ngoc is one of the beauties with an impressive height. She is 1.81m tall and measures 3 rounds: 86-70-96cm.

In order to maintain the perfect body, Dieu Ngoc works hard in her spare time. Accordingly, on her personal page, she shared pictures of tennis practice.

On average, an hour of playing tennis can burn up to 728 calories. For people who already have a well-proportioned figure, they tend to choose full-body sports to stay in shape. In addition to tennis, you can replace it with jogging, swimming, playing badminton, playing golf…

Miss Da Nang 1.8m high: The feat of training to keep her body in shape - 3

She plays tennis to have a toned, attractive body.

Miss Da Nang 1.8m high: The feat of training to keep her body in shape - 4

She showed off her soft body curves with attractive side-cut swimsuits.

Playing tennis causes the body to be in constant motion on the court. While your feet run, your hands have to chase the ball so that they don’t touch the ground. The constant movement and activity when playing tennis will help you burn a large amount of calories, develop muscle groups, increase bone strength, enhance agility, coordination of movement.

In addition, despite her busy work, she still makes time to go to the gym. Sometimes, Dieu Ngoc chooses to take the stairs instead of the elevator to burn calories.

In addition to exercise, Dieu Ngoc also applies the “traffic light” rule in her diet. The traffic light rule is to divide food into 3 groups of red lights absolutely do not eat (starchy foods, sugar), yellow lights need to eat in moderation (only 1 type of food should be eaten/day) and green lights eat comfortably. In which, the green light is a group of green foods from vegetables, tubers, fruits, etc., which add fiber and vitamins.

Weight control is the balance between fat loss and muscle gain. Fat loss focuses on 3 things: nutrition, exercise and spirit. In a nutshell, you need to avoid stress that affects your weight.

There are many scientific methods of eating that are applied by many people to have a healthy and balanced body. In particular, the rule of eating “traffic lights” is loved by many people. In addition, you can apply the Eat Clean method, intermittent fasting, cycle fasting… depending on each person’s conditions to have the most suitable choice.

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