The Global City will become a model for Asia’s sustainable city

Foster+Partners, as previously announced by Masterise Homes, will act as the Architectural Consulting Partner of The Global City. QEE – a high-tech engineering company specializing in smart building solutions with headquarters in London, will design, install, operate and maintain a centralized system and efficient allocation of energy and resources. fruit. The combination of two reputable British companies is expected to bring the world’s leading sustainability standard to The Global City, realizing the vision of becoming the new “downtown” of HCMC.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Mr. Youssef Akila, Director of Masterise Homes Design Division shared: “With the goal of creating The Global City to become the most iconic and exemplary urban area in Southeast Asia. The pioneer urban area in Vietnam cooperates with two partners Foster+Partners and QEE, both of which are world leaders in sustainability trends and will bring innovative and outstanding solutions to create a a sustainable urban project, bringing long-term values ​​to the health of residents, each real estate product in the urban area as well as the whole project, and above all, the environment and climate in general. “

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According to Youssef Akila, Head of Design at Masterise Homes, The Global City will become Southeast Asia’s most iconic and exemplary urban area with modern design, cutting-edge technology and leading sustainable solutions. world top.

According to this architect of Masterise Homes, 11% of the overall area of ​​​​the project is devoted to green space, equivalent to nearly 13 hectares of trees from small and beautiful parks to large canal parks with walking paths. and cycling are conveniently connected.

Connecting the area through these roads and the bridge over the canal also creates a miniature city within a 10-minute walk, thereby limiting the use of motor vehicles. An eco-friendly transport system consisting of bicycles, electric scooters and trams using street lights as charging stations can help reduce carbon emissions for the internal transport system.

Buildings are located and designed to reduce exposure to the sun and UV rays (average reduction of 30-40%) but still increase air circulation, thereby cutting usage Air conditioners for each household and the whole urban area. Smart energy model is applied to buildings to cut energy consumption when not needed and take advantage of renewable energy sources such as solar energy to provide hot water for all components in the building. urban area.

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Mr. Toby Blunt, Senior Partner of Foster+Partners said that The Global City will be an urban area with buildings that are sustainable against the impacts of climate change.

Mr. Toby Blunt, Senior Partner of Foster+Partners shared at the ceremony: “For The Global City as well as any other project in the portfolio, we always aim to design sustainable buildings. resilient to the impacts of climate change, creating urban areas that grow in tandem with communities, and enhancing living standards in a city for all. preserving traditional and historical values ​​in modern design, on the one hand we apply sustainable methodologies to help us better understand the project’s impact on the environment and provide tools to reduce carbon emissions.”

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An online agreement between Masterise Homes and Quimera Energy – a UK expert with extensive experience in reducing energy consumption, utility costs and carbon emissions globally.

Mr. John Chambers, Business Development Director of Quimera Energy shared in his speech: “In the context that Vietnam is aiming to reduce carbon emissions by 27% by 2030, Quimera’s goal is to support customers. With The Global City project, Quimera will work closely with Masterise Homes and Foster+Partners to design, install, operate and maintain a centralized system. centralize and efficiently allocate energy and resources for convenient and comfortable heat transfer with minimal energy consumption to reduce costs and carbon emissions.Quimera Energy is delighted to contribute its energy our resources, resources and exclusive solutions into this promising project, which we believe will become a model for sustainable urbanism globally.”

The Global City urban area is located in An Phu ward, Thu Duc city, Ho Chi Minh City, started construction in 2021 and is expected to be completed within the next 48 months.


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