The identity of the suspect who murdered the owner of a clothing shop in Bac Giang

Pham Thi Ha – the female suspect who murdered the girl is the owner of a clothing shop in Bac Giang, who had a previous conviction and had to serve 6 months in prison for prostitution.

On April 12, the Criminal Police Department of Bac Giang Province Police sent a force to bring the suspect killing Pham Thi Ha (born in 1984, residing in Cau Thuong street, Nha Nam town, Tan Yen district) went to the hospital to monitor her health.

In the afternoon of the same day, the subject said that he was unwell after drinking rat poison to commit suicide while hiding.

Regarding the subject’s identity, an investigation officer said that Ha had a bad identity when she had a previous conviction for prostitution brokerage and was sentenced to 6 months in prison. After returning to the locality, Ha lived alone because her father and younger brother went to work far away, her mother died.

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Ha hid in the firewood warehouse of an uninhabited house about 200m from the crime scene

Returning to the locality, Ha only had fun, did not work and did not have a stable job. Subject also did not interact with anyone in the locality, living a relatively closed life.

According to many local people, Ha is also quite aggressive. Specifically, before causing the murder of a clothing shop owner, Ha once pulled out a knife and threatened to cut a small merchant in the market just because of a small conflict when buying and selling goods.

Also on the afternoon of April 12, the family of the victim D.Th.Tr.M. was handed over the body and organized the post-mortem for the young girl. A relative of the clothing shop owner shared, M. has lived with his parents in Phu Quoc (Kien Giang province) for many years and has just returned to his hometown to open a clothing shop from the end of 2021.

According to Mrs. L. (a relative of the victim) said that, on the evening of April 11, M.’s house (also a clothes shop) lost water, so M went to her grandmother’s house nearby to give birth. active.

The distance is not far, but the alley to the house is empty, at more than 20 o’clock there are few people passing by. When M. approached her house, she was suddenly attacked by Ha with a knife.

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Many people are still shocked by the murder

A neighbor, because it was dark, did not look closely and thought it was a jealousy attack, when he discovered that he had shouted, Ha also quickly escaped. The young girl lost a lot of blood and died not long after.

“Right at the scene there was a pond, I think Ha was going to throw the knife down there to destroy the evidence, but the knife got stuck on a tree branch, when the police arrived, the knife fell.”said relatives.

On the afternoon of April 12, many relatives and neighbors were present to share the pain with the family of the ill-fated girl. Many people who have been in contact have rated M. as a very good, gentle, beautiful girl.

Therefore, in the morning of the same day, when the police force arrested Ha, many people were upset, the police had to prevent him from escorting him to the headquarters.

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