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The number 2 thousand years is still sharp

What these ancient swords have in common are all exquisitely crafted, of amazingly good quality. There are even swords that are still extremely sharp after thousands of years.

Here are 3 famous swords in Chinese history.

First, the Nine Dragons Treasure Sword

3 famous Chinese swords: Number 2 thousand years is still sharp - Photo 1.

The Nine Dragons Bao Sword is the famous sword in the Qianlong emperor’s tomb.

This is the sword in the Qianlong emperor’s tomb. The reason it is called Cuu Long Bao Sword is because on the body of this sword there are engraved 9 extremely vivid dragons. Although delicately carved, this sword is considered a “deadly” treasure because many people lost their lives.

Accordingly, after breaking into the tomb of the Qing Dynasty, Sun Dien Anh, a warlord lord, has looted many valuables and treasures. In order to escape the crime of grave theft, Ton Dien Anh took turns bringing the treasures he got from the tombs to give to the great figures of the Kuomintang at that time.

In it, Sun Dien Anh gave the Nine Dragons Treasure Sword to Chiang Kai-shek. This treasure was sent as a gift by a man named Dai Lap. The ancient sword, although dusty for many years, is still full of “killing spirit”.

When Dai Lap brought this precious sword onto the plane, surprisingly, it was only halfway through when the plane crashed. As a result, Dai Lap also lost his life, and this sword has since disappeared.

Second, the sword of the Viet King Goujian

In history, Viet Vuong Gou Tien (496 BC – 465 BC) was a famous king of the Spring and Autumn period. He was famous for his patience and ability to govern the country. It was thanks to “sleeping with thorns to taste honey” that he successfully avenged and defeated the country of Wu. In his life of many ups and downs, Viet Vuong Cau Tien also had his own sword. This precious sword is said to have been made by a famous swordsmith.

3 famous Chinese swords: Number 2 thousand years is still sharp - Photo 2.

On the blade, there are 8 characters engraved: “Viet Vuong Cau Tien uses a sword”.

According to archaeologists, an expert who saw Goujian’s sword was amazed. This treasure was so attractive that the expert came up with the idea of ​​using his finger to test the sharpness. As a result, he cut his hand, bleeding when touching the blade.

Then, to test the sharpness of the Goujian sword, archaeologists prepared a thick stack of 16 sheets of paper. As a result, the sword easily cut through the stack of papers. This surprised the experts.

After analysis, scientists showed that this sword was forged from materials such as copper, iron, tin, lead, and sulfur. Of these, copper accounts for the highest percentage.

The sword of Viet Vuong Gou Tien is more than 2,500 years old, but it is still an extremely sharp weapon, not even tarnished or rusted. Since its discovery in Jiangling, Hubei province in 1965, this sword has been considered one of China’s treasures.

The Goujian sword is about 55.7 cm long and weighs 875 grams and is currently on display at the Hubei Provincial Museum, China.

Until now, scientists have not discovered the secret of the famous ancient sword making method.

Third, the sword of Qin King

3 famous Chinese swords: Number 2 thousand years is still sharp - Photo 3.

The swords found in the terracotta warrior’s grave are still extremely sharp, not rusted.

The Qin Wang sword is the name of the swords found in the tomb of Qin Shi Huang in 1994. Tomb of the first emperor in Chinese history, located at the foot of Mount Lishan, in Shaanxi province, China.

These special swords are found in Terracotta Warrior’s 2nd Burial. At the time of excavation, archaeologists were surprised to see that Qin Wang’s sword was still very sharp, even without rust even though it was buried in the ground for more than 2,000 years.

Notably, experts also discovered that the surface of these ancient swords was covered with a layer of chromium oxide about 10 micrometers thick. This method prevents these swords from wearing out the metal. This discovery shocked the world because a new method of using chromium coating appeared in Germany since 1937.

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