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The plane was about to land, the flight attendant discovered that someone was still in the restroom

Recently, on April 9, on flight MU6303 from Beijing to Guangzhou, while the plane was about to land, a female passenger stayed in the restroom for more than 30 minutes and still did not come out, causing both flight attendants and passengers to There was a commotion outside.

The flight attendants quickly learned about the situation from the surrounding passengers, thinking that the woman had an unfortunate health situation or the incident was locked in the restroom, so she forcibly opened the door. The image of the female passenger door inside made many people angry.

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According to regulations, 30 minutes before the plane lands, flight attendants must ensure that passengers are seated correctly and lock all restrooms. However, the flight attendant discovered a restroom showing someone was using it. The flight attendant informed many times, but the passenger did not respond.

Because this female passenger used the restroom for a long time, the flight attendant assumed that the woman had encountered a problem. After several unsuccessful door calls, the crew had to forcefully open the door. Unexpectedly, the woman inside was leisurely applying makeup as if nothing had happened, seeing the flight attendant standing outside, but she still calmly continued to apply lipstick.

The flight attendant repeatedly invited the female passenger to pack up and return to her seat, but she still had no intention of leaving.

Male flight attendant: “We are ready to land. Please return to your seat and help me settle down.”

Air hostess: “Annoying sister! Please pack up your belongings and return to your seat!”

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The clip was filmed by a passenger sitting near the toilet and witnessed everything, and then posted on social networks, netizens criticized the female passenger for not knowing how to comply with the regulations on the plane.

Many people believe that things would not have been so serious if the female passenger had responded and coordinated with the flight attendant. What angered netizens was her indifferent attitude after the door was opened.

“If you hear a call, you can react with just one voice. Why is it so quiet from beginning to end?”

“The plane landed, it sounds like nothing, but for people who have not yet settled in their seats, it is a different story. It’s both dangerous for me and can involve the whole flight.”

“Ask the airline to blacklist her and never let her fly. Only for his own benefit without regard to danger. This is not simply ignorance, but human dignity is at issue.”

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