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Thousands of students in Hanoi held hands, hugged each other and cried in the middle of the school yard

The moments of saying goodbye to teachers will leave unforgettable moments of pity, but it is also a memorable memory in each student’s age.

Recently, a clip posted on TikTok has received huge interactions from netizens. The clip captures the moments of saying goodbye to the Principal and all students in the school.

What touched others was the principal’s own tears when she saw the immense love of the students. My little schoolboy has matured over the years.

What will the farewell party be like?

It is known that this is the farewell ceremony for Ms. Le Thi Quyen – Party cell secretary, principal of Hoang Van Thu High School (Hanoi). In the video, the students carefully prepared the musical performances, and all the students in the school rushed out from the classrooms to wave goodbye to her.

This image made many people cry. The students also surrounded and comforted their aunt, bringing her the freshest bouquets of flowers.

Meanwhile, the friends in the new school simultaneously shouted “Hoang Van Thu will always love you”the throbbing chorus made her suppress her emotions and could only smile and wave to say goodbye to her students.

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Emotional images at the farewell meeting of the principal

The owner of the video, Bao Long, revealed in the comment section of the video that: “My aunt moved to work, everyone, when she went down the stairs, she cried and was very touched.”

Many years of working with Hoang Van Thu school, under the guidance of Principal Le Thi Quyen and the teachers and students of the school have achieved outstanding achievements. The cultural quality of students is improved, the percentage of students classified as Good – Excellent increases, the percentage of students classified as Medium – Weak decreases.

Not only that, Ms. Quyen is also a respected aunt of many generations of students, a lovely colleague of the staff and teachers of Hoang Van Thu High School. Perhaps, because of that, the day of her farewell, the whole new school space was filled with such emotion and regret.

– “She is definitely an excellent Principal who captures the hearts of students. I believe she will not forget this sacred moment in her teaching profession”. NTN friends share

– “To win the hearts of students like that is not easy, the Principal must be a great teacher”. You TTH said.

“Having experienced the feeling of breaking up with the person she taught me for nearly 2 years, that feeling has now been recalled again, my tears are also sobbing.”. HTN’s friend confided.

Perhaps, during the time of school, the teacher, although she was strict and difficult on the podium, still gave love to her students. As teachers, they are still at the classroom door every day, but generations of students will grow up and leave. So, in the future, let’s go back to the place where I grew up with my old classmates to visit the teachers and also so that I don’t lose the good memories of my student life!

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