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Will Smith should return the Oscar statuette

Sharing with Variety, actor Harry Lennix, a member of the Academy, said that the decision of the Academy to ban Will Smith from participating in awards ceremonies and Oscar events for 10 years was “innocuous”, showing the shallow in Hollywood.

Academy member: Will Smith should return the Oscar statuette - 1

Veteran actor Harry Lennix, Academy member.

He also thinks that at this point, the only person who can save the reputation of the Oscars is Will Smith. Harry Lennix said: “He must understand the seriousness of his behavior: slapping Chris Rock on stage at the live broadcast of the Oscars. The blow to Chris Rock is also a slap in the face of millions of people watching the prestigious awards ceremony“, he said.

“Smith needs to quickly return the golden statue to the Academy and publicize something meaningful. With respect for Oscar for 94 years, my conscience does not accept that.”the actor “Man of Steel” emphasized

The 57-year-old actor said that there were many things to worry about after Will Smith’s slap, especially the “King Richard” star avoiding responsibility and personal mistakes in his acceptance speech “Actress”. the best of the best”. Will’s attempt to explain his previous actions made matters worse. The veteran star also expressed surprise when many famous artists expressed sympathy with Will Smith’s actions after the incident happened. He also said that the Academy’s equally shocking decision was not to expel Will Smith from the ceremony.

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With just one slap, Will Smith created a crisis for the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. “The incident created a strong shock to the social and moral standards of the nation, in the hearts of each of us until it was compensated with some appropriate action. This stain on the Academy cannot be easy. the only thing necessary is for Smith to voluntarily return the award for Best Actor in exchange for atonement.” Harry Lennix said.

On April 8, the Academy decided to discipline Will Smith, banning the actor from attending organization events for 10 years. Before that, Will Smith also applied to withdraw his AMPAS membership on April 1. “I respect and accept all decisions of the Academy”Will Smith said.

Will Smith is currently facing a wave of boycotts from Hollywood. A series of projects related to the famous star have been halted, including “Fast and Loose” and a biopic about his life.

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