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Will Windows 12 be Microsoft’s first cloud-based operating system?

In a recent event, Microsoft “revealed” about the redirection, focusing on a hybrid system. Speaking at the event, CEO Satya Nadella announced that “the line between PC and cloud is blurring”.

Windows 12 will be Microsoft's first cloud-based operating system?  - first

This suggests, most likely Windows 12 may be in development to become Microsoft’s first cloud operating system. In other words, Windows 12 will be stored off-device, giving users the flexibility to use Windows 12 even on devices running lower versions.

For now, Microsoft wants to streamline the transition between computers and Windows 365 services to store and sync data from the cloud, before fully integrating it into the cloud, or Chrome OS.

There is no denying the capabilities of the cloud system, however, this system still has some limitations. For example, connectivity is not synchronized globally, or access to computer performance will be uneven in different regions.

Because of that, Microsoft still has no ambition to develop a completely cloud-based operating system. Windows 12 is merely combining the user experience to support more use cases and make it available to a wider audience.

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