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Wise people know these 8 things to quickly defeat the arrogant

1. Have a firm belief in self-worth

The Achilles’ heel that an arrogant person points to is your insecurity. They want to provoke you, lower your confidence and make you doubt yourself. They want to dominate you.

The best way to prevent this is to have a firm belief in your own worth. The smug shows up to test your limits.

If you give in too easily, they will become even more arrogant. When you become clear about your worth, they will stop trying to bully you.

As Warren Wint once wrote, “Feeling confident and knowing your worth will keep you from being vulnerable to an arrogant person.”

2. Let the results speak for themselves

Wise people know these 8 things to quickly defeat the arrogant - 1

Arrogant people tend to talk a lot. If you want to know how to take down an arrogant person, start by doing a better job than them. Success is the best form of revenge.

Show your ability when they can only show boast and egotism. If a colleague of yours always arrogantly brags about being better than everyone else, quietly continue your work. When the results you achieve are better than them, they will have to know for themselves what they need.

3. Tell them how hurtful their words are

If an arrogant person is hurting you or someone else, let them know it’s wrong by explaining how the issues they’re talking about affect others.

4. Point out obvious consequences for their arrogant behavior

In a way, people who lack respect for others and are conceited are like spoiled children. They act and speak thinking it will have no consequences. They expect to get what they want, hear what they want, and do what they like.

Show them things won’t work out that way by setting clear limits and showing consequences for rude, arrogant behavior.

Example: If you have a family member who regularly comes to family gatherings and criticizes others, let them know that it makes the rest of the family uncomfortable and they will not be invited to the meeting. next meeting if still so toxic.

You may find it difficult to set limits on your family members, but sometimes it’s the only way to keep them in check.

5. Avoid opening up to them too much about personal topics

Wise people know these 8 things to quickly defeat the arrogant - 2

Arrogant people like to arm themselves with a lot of other people’s personal information and use it as an ammunition dump. If you tell them you’re struggling with depression, they’ll automatically take your views on an important topic as misleading.

6. Tell them you’re just boring

Another unexpected thing you can do to bring down an arrogant person is to tell them that they bore you. If they see you getting irritated, they will be even more energetic. But if you let them know that their words and behavior really bore you, they might stop doing it.

7. Find out and address the root of your insecurities

Wise people know these 8 things to quickly defeat the arrogant - 4

This is the master level approach that will help you take down an arrogant person. If you know this person well and can have a nice conversation with them, try to figure out where the source of the attitude is. The better you get to know them, the more you can relate to and help them overcome that arrogant approach.

The truth is, sometimes there are deep wounds that are buried beneath a rough exterior.

“Overconfident people are often quite insecure, and they cover up their insecurities by dominating and controlling others,” says Lolly Daskal.

8. Know when to seek out your own space

There are times when an arrogant person becomes off-limits. This is when you need to remind yourself of your limits. If you’ve tried the other suggestions on this list to no avail, it’s time to prioritize yourself and your own health.

Get out of the situation if you can and find space and time for yourself or with others that are more appreciative.

In case you can’t get out of the situation because it’s your boss or a loved one, your best option is to limit your reactions completely, ignore them, and seek out respectful people. than.

Arrogance often stems from insecurity. When faced with an arrogant person, it can be easy to fall into a state of anger but do your best to resist this urge, communicating with the arrogant person instead and letting them know the damage. hurt and the misunderstanding they are causing. Let them see themselves in the mirror, give them the opportunity to change the way they interact with people. If they still don’t change, stay away until they realize a better way to live.

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