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With all the stocks falling, VN-Index lost more than 26 points

The first trading session after the Hung Kings Anniversary holiday was not very positive with red covering the market right from the opening minutes.

A series of real estate, construction, securities, banking stocks… all dropped points. Many “FLC” stocks continued to be sold strongly and ROS, FLC, HAI, AMD, ART all fell to the floor “white buyers”.

At 10:25 a.m., VN-Index down 10.27 points (0.69%) to 1,471.7 points. Towards the end of the morning session, the selling pressure increased, pushing a series of large stocks down deeply.

At 10:52, VN-Index dropped 15.09 points (-1.02%) to 1,466.91 points. At this time, BID decreased by 2.9%, BVH decreased by 2.5%, HPG decreased by 2.2%…

With many losing stocks, VN-Index lost more than 26 points - 1

VN-Index fell deeply by nearly 20 points. (Screenshots)

Pausing in the morning session, VN-Index dropped deeply by 19.53 points (1.32%) to 1,462.47 points. The whole HoSE had 405 losers, outnumbering 62 gainers and 27 standstill stocks. In the VN30 basket, there were 27 stocks that lost points, 2 stocks that kept the green color were VJC and VPB, in addition ACB reference.

On the floor of Hanoi, HNX-Index down 7.45 points (1.72%) to 424.57 points. The whole floor had 42 gainers, 182 losers and 35 standstill stocks. UPCoM-Index decreased 1.04 points (0.91%) to 112.8 points. The whole market had 800 losers, completely overwhelming compared to only 180 gainers.

Market liquidity was low with the trading value of 3 exchanges reaching nearly 14,000 billion dong. Foreign investors net sold about 350 billion dong on HoSE.

The afternoon session continued to be less positive. At one point, the VN-Index narrowed its downtrend from 20 points to 6 points. However, the bottom fishing demand was not maintained, while the supply was always standing when the market recovered so the index quickly turned around. Most of the industry groups in the market fell deeply such as banking, securities, real estate…

At the end of the session, the VN-Index dropped 26.75 points (1.8%) to 1,455.25 points. HNX-Index fell 11.01 points (2.55%) to 421.01 points and UPCom-Index fell 1.19% to 112.49 points.

The whole market recorded 856 losers, including 100 hitting the floor, completely overwhelming the number of 205 gainers. Despite the sharp decrease, market liquidity was still quite low with the trading value of 3 exchanges reaching more than 25,000 billion dong.

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