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A famous player was sentenced to “permanent ban”, E-Sports officially “declared war” on cheating!

Recently, the E-Sports world has been stirred up by the cheating event of a players famous. Accordingly, after investigation, player Chen Bo (ID: Jay), a member of LGD club, was accused of violating regulations, participating in match-fixing and betting, thus receiving a ban from playing. forever.

A famous player sentenced to

Player Chen Bo of e-sports club LGD (ID: Jay).

This lifetime ban is the first in LPL history. At this stage in the rapid development of eSports, as a leading event in the field of eSports, this deterrent move is intended to warn young individuals, demonstrating a spirit of zero tolerance. concessions for similar incidents.

Earlier, a social media account accused Chen Bo of releasing a lot of screenshots and recordings of the conversation as evidence. There are a total of 4 recordings and the content of how Chen Bo discussed in detail match-fixing and money-sharing.

A famous player sentenced to

The male player received a penalty for improper behavior that affected the fairness of LPL games. From now on, Chen Bo is not allowed to participate in professional and semi-pro tournaments organized by Tencent, Tengjing and RiotGames in any region of the world in any way.

This decision means that Chen Bo’s career is over, the young man’s promising future is interrupted by shameful behavior. He took advantage of the manipulations in professional e-sports competitions into conditions for him to cheat.

A famous player sentenced to

As an emerging form of sport, the management of some clubs is lacking and young players are exposed to money and the outside world early on. At an immature age, individual eSports players cannot resist the temptation and they take risks and make big mistakes.

Now, the LPL has issued a lifetime ban on Chen Bo to send another signal that the federation will not tolerate players who violate sportsmanship and spirit.

Currently, there are also some netizens discussing whether the “lifetime ban” is too strong, after all, players who have had similar problems before have only been suspended for a few months. However, the moderators said that if you want the E-Sports platform to develop better and be recognized by the whole society, you must say no to cheating matches and gambling of any kind. acts-violence–20220413153233185.chn

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