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A sharp nighttime pain in the scrotum could be a medical emergency

The patient was awakened from her sleep by a sharp pain in the scrotum due to testicular torsion. The disease is often misdiagnosed as orchitis, leading to delay in treatment.

According to the records of Viet Duc Friendship Hospital (Hanoi), from September 2021 to March 2022, there were 9 cases hospitalized due to testicular torsion, of which only 2 patients were preserved, 7 cases were hospitalized. right orchiectomy due to late arrival of treatment.

The average age of the patients hospitalized due to testicular torsion was 17 years old, the youngest was 14 years old and the oldest was 24 years old.

Notably, a representative of the Center for Andrology said that, in just 2 days from April 5 to April 6, there were 2 consecutive patients with testicular torsion who came to the hospital late to have their testes removed.

Patients with testicular torsion cannot preserve the testicles due to reasons such as: patients arriving late, causing difficulties in treatment and intervention; The patient was misdiagnosed as orchitis, and went to the hospital when the testicle was purple and black and could not be preserved.

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Testicular torsion occurs when the motile testicle rotates excessively around the spermatic cord leading to blockage of the vascular system. Consequences leading to acute vascular occlusion, if not released in time, will lead to testicular necrosis. This is a male emergency that requires urgent surgical treatment, especially in the first 6 hours.

“Symptoms of testicular torsion often patients are awakened in their sleep by a sharp pain in the scrotum, so they often remember clearly the time of pain,” noted Associate Professor Nguyen Quang.

Urgent illness

Director of the Center for Andrology shared, with cases of testicular torsion, when clinically examined, the testicle on the side of the torsion hangs higher than the opposite side. Doppler ultrasonography of the testicular vasculature is very valuable for the diagnosis of testicular torsion with typical whirlpool findings.

Dr. Quang also noted that testicular torsion is often misdiagnosed with orchitis, which is one of the main reasons leading to delayed diagnosis and causing patients to have orchiectomy.

“Men need to see a doctor right away when they have sudden symptoms of pain in the scrotum. As for doctors at all levels, when facing a patient with sudden scrotal pain, it is necessary to think of this particular pathology and make an accurate diagnosis to avoid unfortunate consequences.

With grandsons, parents when seeing their children have pain in the scrotum, they need to go to the hospital for examination and treatment,” said Dr. Quang.

The “factory” of sperm production

According to male experts, the testicles are one of the important organs of the male reproductive system, responsible for producing sperm and secreting the male hormone testosterone.

Testicular torsion is a medical emergency of male gynecology, the longer the testicles become ischemic and necrotic. Signs of sudden severe pain in the scrotum is the initial and most important sign of the disease. The patient needed surgery to return the testicle to its original position.

An orthopedic specialist at Medlatec Hanoi General Hospital added that testicular torsion is an emergency condition of nephrology or male specialist, a common disease in men. youth age with a rate of about 1 in 4,000 men under the age of 25 years and is the main reason why men undergo orchiectomy due to the leading complication of necrosis, after severe trauma to the genital organs.

Testicular torsion – testicular cord is a vascular emergency, so it should be detected and treated early. If treated late, it is possible that the testicles will be necrotic, require surgery to remove the testicles, which will partially affect the male fertility. In addition, it can affect psychologically, causing men to lose confidence later when sexDecreased libido, erectile dysfunction…

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