After the age of 50, if you go through all 3 “highest states of human life”, your fate will change

In life, you are often confused by appearances, stuck in success or failure, obsessed with fame and fortune, or wallowing in loss.

Experiencing different levels of emotions and states will help you understand yourself, break down outer illusions, and enhance your inner realm. Therefore, the more people experience life, the more they reach a higher mental state, thereby contributing to changing life’s destiny.

Especially, for those who cross the threshold of middle age, after 50 years of age, if they go through all 3 highest states of human life, they will have a broad vision, a vast wisdom and a tolerant attitude. quantity. Life will become much more convenient.

So, according to that, what are the three highest states of human life?

[01] Know yourself:

Realize your limitations and start changing

He who understands his own weakness is wise; Those who don’t realize they’re ignorant are fools.

Those who are truly brave will constantly reflect on themselves, through which they can discover their own limitations, find ways to change to improve themselves, and then gradually reach new heights.

The famous calligrapher in Chinese history, Wang Xizhi, had such an experience when he was young. He was very gifted in calligraphy, but could not make further progress for a long time.

One day, he accidentally saw the work of Truong Chi, a calligrapher of the Eastern Han Dynasty, China. The more he observed and pondered, the more Vuong Hi Chi realized that every stroke of Truong Chi’s handwriting revealed a calm and calm atmosphere.

Looking back at himself, he realized that when he practiced, he was always eager to succeed, so his mind was restless, unable to fully concentrate.

Since then, Vuong Hi Chi has changed his mind. He gradually improved his spiritual realm, putting all his spirit into each handwriting, not in a hurry and insecurity as before. That was also the time when his calligraphy skills began to have new breakthroughs, finally achieving the achievement of history records.

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[02] Understanding the world:

Following nature is the great religion

If a person does not know the vastness of heaven and earth, of the surrounding world, it is easy to overestimate himself, deviate from the orbit of nature, and eventually get in trouble.

Tang Quoc Phien is a famous celebrity in Chinese history with a wise way of dealing with people, but he also had a time of being arrogant and fighting around. Because he thought he was good, when he first became a mandarin, he always talked without knowing before and after, thus offending many people.

So much so that when Tang Quoc Phien led troops to fight the enemy, his subordinates would rather be loyal to others and then leave one by one. Without a talented general, he was repeatedly defeated and severely reprimanded.

Later, reflecting on himself, he realized the moral: “Whatever comes, should be obeyed, what has not come, should not be disturbed, the past should not be attached to, the matter of the present must not be abandoned. via.”

When he once again returned to the official position, he behaved modestly, spoke quietly, behaved in moderation, knowing before and after, thereby making a great career.

Focusing on the present, going with nature, not being bothered by distractions, not worrying about the future, not regretting the past is the best way to live.

Everything in life is unpredictable. Only when we fully understand that principle and maintain inner peace can we reap achievements, unaffected by the world around us.

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[03] Understanding human life:

Explain to others, keep the word good in your heart

Wise people are often good at recognizing the strengths of others, understanding even the shortcomings of the opponent. They will not overlook everyone’s merits, nor will they take anyone’s contribution lightly. Treating without discrimination and always treating others equally is something everyone understands, but not everyone can do it.

When you understand life and know how to interpret others, your mind will become tolerant and generous. People will face everything in life with a calmer, much wiser mind.

There was a Zen master who lived alone in the mountains, one evening when he returned from walking meditation, he saw a thief rummaging through his residence but found nothing of value. The Zen master just stood quietly outside the door without saying anything.

When the thief turned back, panicking because he was caught at the battlefield, the Zen master said: “The road is so far, so hard, yet you still come to visit me, I can’t bear to let you go empty-handed. about. It’s cold at night, so I put on a coat to keep warm.”

Having said that, the Zen master took off his overcoat and draped it over the thief. The opponent shyly lowered his head, then ran straight into the dark.

The Zen master looked at this and said with pity, “Poor, if possible, I would like to give you the whole moon to illuminate the way down the mountain.”

A few days later, when the Zen master woke up and went to the door, he saw that the shirt he had given the thief had been washed and neatly folded in front of the door. He was startled, then cheerfully said, “Good, so you’ve got the full moon.”

Life is a mirror capable of reflection. If you understand life, life understands you. If you explain to others, others will also be tolerant of us.

Going through 3 stages in turn, from understanding yourself, understanding the world, to understanding the hearts of others, you have begun to change your own destiny.

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According to Thuy Phuong

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