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Alone at home, but in the middle of the night, seeing someone pulling the blanket, the girl freaked out when she turned on the light

A Taiwanese man came home drunk in the middle of the night, forgot his key, climbed into the house from the balcony, unexpectedly entered a girl’s house, even climbed into her bed. sleep well. When the girl woke up startled, she was extremely scared to see the strange man lying next to her and immediately chased him out, then called the police.

According to Apple Daily, the incident happened on a day in December 2021 in Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan. Mr. Huang is a chef, lives in Kaohsiung city, comes to Taipei city to work and rents an apartment to live here.

On the day of the incident, Mr. Huang went out drinking and didn’t come home until late at night. Only then did he realize he had forgotten his house keys. Huang went to the 5th floor of the building, discovered that the door was not locked, so he went in, climbed into bed and slept soundly.

At home alone, but in the middle of the night, she saw someone pulling a blanket, the girl was on fire when she turned on the light - 1


In fact, Mr. Huang entered another girl’s house by mistake. This girl used to live alone, but in the middle of the night when she was sleeping soundly, she suddenly felt someone pulling her blanket. Seeing the strangeness, the girl woke up startled, turned on the light and was relieved to see a strange man lying right next to her. The girl immediately shouted, causing Mr. Huang to wake up. Soon after, the girl chased Mr. Huang out of her home and called the police.

After Mr. Huang realized he was going to the wrong house, he came up with the idea of ​​climbing from the top floor of the 5th floor to the balcony of his house on the 4th floor. However, due to being too drunk, he took the wrong direction and again into the wrong house. This time, Mr. Huang climbed into the balcony of a Brazilian man’s house. This man quickly discovered Mr. Huang, noticed that he was drunk, and panicked because he was in the wrong house, so he opened the door to let him out.

Fail twice, but Mr. Huang still refused to give up. He still intends to climb into his house from the balcony of the 4th floor. Unexpectedly in the process, he was not awake, so he slipped, fell from the 4th floor to the bottom, severely broken bones. People nearby discovered and took Mr. Huang to the emergency room, fortunately, it did not affect his life.

After the police received information about the incident, they took statements from the girl and the Brazilian man whose house Mr. Huang broke into. Both of these people said that they were very angry and upset at the invasion of their privacy, but because Mr. Huang did not steal anything, nor did any harm to them, they did not ask for any compensation. , as long as Mr. Huang does not repeat the behavior, that’s fine.

Recently, the Taipei City Court has brought this case to trial. In court, Mr. Huang said he was really drunk that day, and he couldn’t remember what he had done. He felt very remorseful and apologetic to the neighbors, saying that he would move out of the block and never do it again.

After the prosecutor’s investigation, they determined that Mr. Huang had committed the crime of breaking into the house, but considering that he had sincerely confessed, they finally gave him a suspended sentence on the condition that he never repeat the act. again.

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