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Buying coconuts to reduce fever was scolded by her husband for eating wild, his wife was silent but acted

When a husband is sick, his wife takes care of him, when his children are sick, his wife also takes care of him, but when his wife is sick, no one takes care of him. This feeling is experienced by many women, similar to the confession of a facebook account named Y. T below.

T.’s story is as follows:Get married I have not been able to ask my husband for anything in 5 years. I earn as much as him, even more. The house is bought after the wedding, the old half is the money I contribute, after the birth, I take care of the children, the husband goes out all day and night, at the end of the working time, he wanders to the beer shop or else invites friends to go to the ball and bake all kinds of cakes. Many times inhibited, I nagged and blamed my husband for being irresponsible, he reasoned that: ‘Men who wear aprons, wash dishes, carry children for their wives, just throw them away’.

The worst part is when my husband and children are sick, I keep hunched over to serve rice and bring water to the bed. But when it was my turn to be sick, my husband was indifferent, he still went out to eat and drink with friends late into the night and I had to try to get up at mealtimes to cook, take care of the children, and do all the things like a healthy day. If he said it, he would shout: ‘She’s so old, she’s sick, she doesn’t know how to buy medicine, can’t she go to the hospital to see a doctor? …”.

Buying coconuts to reduce fever was scolded by her husband for eating wild, his wife was silent, but her actions later made him pale - Photo 1.

The wife’s post

T. said that because her husband was too careless, she always felt that the marriage was hers, only she tried to maintain and operate it. There are times when T. is tired and wants to let go, but thinking about her child can’t bear it. Unfortunately, husband T. never understood his wife’s thoughts and appreciated her sacrifices. Until she could not be more patient, she was determined to “get up”.

More than a month ago, I had ‘2 lines’ but my husband did not care or ask anything. He sent 2 children to his grandfather, and I was on the 2nd floor, he was on the 1st floor, he didn’t cook for his wife, nor did he bother to ask what medicine his wife took to buy.

On the 2nd day, I was too tired to order 5 coconuts to drink to lower the fever. When people shipped to them, they had to ask her husband to come pick them up for her, but he grumbled and scolded his wife: ‘You’re really just good at figuring out how to spend money. Just be so desolate and sooner or later I’ll throw her out into the street’. He didn’t take the goods so he wouldn’t have to pay.

Suppressed, but I didn’t say it again, but called the coconut seller to bring 1 load of 50 fruits to drink instead of filtered water. The more bitter my husband became, the more he blushed and scolded his wife for eating wild. She declared: ‘I spend my money, not yours. In this life, you are not the only one who has the right to enjoy rest. I’m your wife, not your maid. I said that from now on, I will not take care of and serve you anymore. How do you enjoy life, how you treat your wife, I will treat you like that. Anything left court always give fast’.

Saying and doing, after recovering from Covid, I only take care of my 2 children, when it comes to cooking meals for 3 mothers and children, it doesn’t matter where my husband eats or if I go hungry. The clothes he changed were piled up, I didn’t even wash them when they smelled. When her husband said it, she replied: ‘Do it yourself so you know how many years I have worked for you’.

Buying coconuts to lower his fever was scolded by his husband for eating wild, his wife was silent, but her actions later made him pale - Photo 2.


Nearly a month later, my wife and I kept the moon and the sun like that. She determined that she was ready for a divorce, so she decided to do it in the right way: 1 is to make her husband change his mind, love and appreciate his wife’s efforts. 2 is to accept to go to court if he is still conservative and does not realize his mistake. Because I really live forever next to a selfish man who only knows himself, no matter how hard I try, I will still be the one to suffer.

Entering the 25th day of the ‘cold war’, my husband officially had to lower his voice to admit he was wrong and then called me out so that the two of us could have a serious talk.”

When getting married, women are always willing to sacrifice themselves to take care of their families. What they expect in return is simply the attention of their husbands. Unfortunately, men are sometimes too selfish to just want to receive but never care about their partner’s thoughts, making women disappointed and let go. com

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