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China will not relax ‘Zero COVID-19’ policy

Reuters quoted President Xi Jinping’s statement on April 13, saying that the country will not relax measures to control and prevent the COVID-19 pandemic.

President Xi Jinping emphasized that China must continue to implement the policy of proactive exclusion COVID-19 closely, while trying to minimize the impact of epidemic prevention measures on the economy and society.

The above statement was taken in the context that Shanghai – China’s financial center has not been able to contain the unprecedented wave of COVID-19 since the pandemic broke out. On April 13 alone, this city recorded more than 25,000 new cases.

China will not relax its 'Zero COVID-19' policy - 1

On April 13, the Shanghai police department also announced that anyone who violates the blockade measures will be severely dealt with. (Photo: CNN)

Unlike most countries in the world, China is still determined to pursue the “Zero COVID-19” policy and apply strict measures in epidemic prevention.

Also today, the Shanghai police department also announced that anyone who violates the blockade measures will be severely dealt with, and urges 25 million people in the city to “unanimously fight the epidemic”.

“Those who violate the blockade regulations will be handled in accordance with the law. If the behavior constitutes a crime, they will be investigated according to the law.” The ministry said in a statement.

Shanghai police also banned private vehicles from going out, except for those participating in epidemic prevention or transporting people in need of emergency care.

Shanghai is under great pressure in fighting the epidemic. The number of cases has steadily increased for more than 10 consecutive days, while people in the blockade are also struggling to ensure daily necessities.

Peng Wenhao, an official with Shanghai’s market supervision bureau, told local media that authorities had issued 38,000 warning letters against speculation and raising prices of staple foods and were also investigating. complaints about unusual pricing on social media.

“Acts of arbitrarily raising food prices illegally will be investigated and punished in the most resolute and fastest way”Mr. Peng Wenhao said.

According to Caixin, Shanghai is one of eight Chinese cities participating in a pilot plan to relax the requirement of concentrated isolation from 14 days to 10 days.

China’s National Health Commission (NHC) said that most of the new COVID-19 cases in the country are asymptomatic and have not recorded any additional deaths since March 1.

As of April 13, China reported a total of more than 462,000 COVID-19 cases, 4,638 deaths and 141,898 recoveries.

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