Close-up of the knife the suspect used to kill the shop owner in Bac Giang

Immediately after arresting the suspect Ha, the authorities also seized the long knife that Ha used as the murder weapon.

Regarding the case that the owner of a clothing shop in Bac Giang was brutally murdered, on April 12, the police of Bac Giang province detained Pham Thi Ha (38 years old, in Nha Nam town, Tan Yen district). to investigate behavior Killing.

Ha was arrested while hiding in a house right next to the township People’s Committee, about 200m from the scene.

Soon after, the authorities also seized the knife that Ha used as the murder weapon. The long knife is sharp, the surface is covered with a lot of the victim’s blood.

Close-up of the knife the suspect used to kill the shop owner in Bac Giang-1
Suspect Pham Thi Ha at the investigation agency

Exchange with Tien Phongthe leader of the Criminal Police Department, Bac Giang Provincial Police said that, on the evening of April 11, the victim D.Th.Tr.M. (SN 1997, resident of Cau Thuong street) went to her grandmother’s house to shower thanks.

Mrs. M.’s grandmother’s house is near subject Ha’s house, and Ms. M.’s shop is also about 150 meters away from subject Ha’s house. When approaching her grandmother’s house, Ms. M. met Ha. Subject Ha called Ms. M to talk. Ha and Ms. M. talked back and forth, then a scuffle broke out.

After that, Ha pulled out a prepared knife so that she could slash several times in the left neck, head and face of Ms. M. Ms. M. collapsed on the spot and was taken to the emergency room by people at the Medical Center. Tan Yen district but died on the night of 11/4.

After committing the crime, Ha dropped the weapon at the scene and fled. The suspect claimed to have committed suicide by using rat poison, but was unsuccessful.

Close-up of the knife the suspect used to kill the shop owner in Bac Giang-2
The sharp knife, Ha used to attack Ms. M..

According to Security Capitalafter being arrested, subject Ha confessed that due to a personal conflict, knowing that Ms. M. opened a clothing store, she came to see and buy goods, but Ms. M. did not sell and showed “attitude” so the subject was satisfied. hate, burning intent to kill.

Law and Readers said, with a cold attitude, Ha confessed to the cause of the crime because: “I don’t like it. It’s live or fake, live or behave towards me.”

According to the official, the subject had normal expressions, no mental illness as rumors spread on social networks.

It is known that the suspect and victim relatives, calling each other sisters. Ms. M. has just opened a shop selling fashion clothes at home, and Ha does not have a stable job, since many years ago, she went to work far away, recently returned to the locality.

Currently, Bac Giang Provincial Police are continuing to investigate, clarify and handle the subject according to regulations.

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