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Every week, the boss forces an employee to come into his room to deliver something

The company that I am attached to at the moment is a small Agency in the media industry. In short, an agency is a unit that provides advertising and marketing communication services. My company’s office is only in one apartment in the apartment. In it, the boss will have a separate office. The boss’s room is like a bedroom, fully equipped with a desk, bed, TV, air conditioner, private toilet and even a balcony. I hear people say that there are days when he sleeps here all the time, even though he has a decent house.

Employees of the company will work in the other bedroom and the entire space outside the living room, even making use of part of the kitchen. In the company there are about 20 employees, there are also a few students who work part-time, so the morning and afternoon division. But if all 20 people go to work, it will be extremely crowded.

Every week, the boss forces employees into his room and gives me something that makes me cry - Photo 1.


I’ve been an employee here since the beginning of 2022. Actually, I didn’t plan to start work at that time because the Lunar New Year was coming. But my friend is familiar with HR here, so it kept convincing me to apply. With a salary of 8 million VND/month for the position of a content employee, I think that is also a good number for my current level and experience.

After submitting my CV, I was called to interview and take the test. Very quickly, I got the job. Boss – is the director at this Agency in January this year in Saigon, he works with the entire staff through online calling applications. It wasn’t until Tet holiday that I had the opportunity to interact with him outside.

Through working and talking, I found that this boss has a bad working attitude. He’s flighty, says things that are unrealistic and extremely difficult to follow. Marketing and communication need to be realistic, but the boss is like a cloud. If I was the only one who thought that, it would have been fine, after all, the other employees also spoke badly of the boss. When he’s not in the office, I hear sighs, then denigrate the boss’s lack of expertise.

Objectively, I don’t think the business situation at this agency is very good, everything is steady, even the partner has canceled the contract. Fortunately, up to this point, I have not been delayed in any month. But I heard some students who work part-time criticize the poor salary.

But the above is not a “nightmare” for our employees. At the beginning of March, the boss called the content creators into a private room. I was the first to enter. The boss took down a thick book from the bookshelf and gave it to me. He also said:

“In the next 10 days, I will finish reading this book for you. Then I will write a summary and report what I have left through the presentation slides.”

That book is really thick, about 1000 pages. I didn’t read it all, just skimmed it to summarize. Other members of the content team were assigned the same task, just with different books. Even a friend at the University of Foreign Languages ​​was given a book written in English by his boss. Everyone was bored, bored and didn’t want to do it.

Every week, the boss forces employees into his room and gives me something that makes me cry - Photo 2.


I also don’t understand what the boss’s intentions are. After giving the presentation and returning the report to the boss, he said nothing more, but continued to give the book to the staff to read. Every week, whenever he called us into the room, I would “cry”.

I had to ask a sister who has worked here for a long time, and she said that this year the boss applied this type of assignment. She even whispered to me that the boss often paints nonsense for subordinates. Now, the boss has assigned our group 4 books each, the report still has to be done every week. I don’t know when this quest will end. We are also busy for work, not free to read all the thick book? Not to mention, the book that the boss gives is very difficult to read, the content is macroscopic and also has deep knowledge of other specialties… chn

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