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Female singer Vbiz has a headache to choose a method of weaning for her children

People often say, giving birth is difficult, but taking care of and raising children is even more difficult. Each child has a different personality and identity, so no matter how many times you are pregnant, for a mother, each child still brings different valuable lessons and experiences.

Since joining the Vbiz milk diapers association, Bao Thy has completely played the role of a diaper mother. All information in the singer’s life revolves around her son, from how to pump milk, how to eat and drink to have milk for the baby, how to use the baby’s utensils… and to the headache. when choosing solid foods for babies.

Recently, the voice of the Bubble Princess had to consult the mother’s association about how to feed her baby. The mother of 1 child wondered whether to choose BLW or Japanese weaning. After listening to everyone’s opinions, she admitted that it was “more refreshing” because “Every mother gives good advice, but each mother has a different opinion.

Singer Vbiz has a headache choosing a method of weaning for her children, it turns out that celebrities are like many of our mothers - Photo 1.

Bao Thy shared her concerns with everyone.

Specifically, the mother of one child wondered: ”Eating BLW, mom must be very tough, both methods are good but reading the BLW manual, I almost want me to go one way so that the baby can eat completely on his own when he is 1 year old. I was confused because when my baby turned 6 months old, she couldn’t sit alone to be sure to eat BLW. But for the Japanese style, it’s difficult to switch to BLW later. Thy read too much and Thy has a mild delirium due to clean teaching BLW, so I almost want to go this way”.

It can be said that Bao Thy’s anxiety is similar to many modern diaper mothers. Currently, there are many methods of weaning, which is command weaning, Japanese-style weaning, and traditional weaning. Reading books and finding out sometimes makes mothers “more confused” because they don’t know what is really good for their children. Because of this, the mothers competed to share, confide and give their experiences for Bao Thy to choose.

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Mothers competed to share experiences.

However, each person has a different way of choosing for their children, some people only follow one method, others combine the above methods, but there are also mothers who do not choose to eat at all. Therefore, the advice that most people agree with is that Bao Thy should let her children try it before deciding to follow a certain method. Because each child has a unique personality, it is not possible to apply the method of this child to the other, but simply for reference.

Everyone praised Bao Thy when she knew she had put a lot of effort into learning about weaning methods. As it turns out, celebrities are like us, worried about everything and want to bring the best for their children. And fans are also eagerly waiting for the female singer to share her experience of breastfeeding in the near future. dua-ra-loi-advice-sao-ma-lai-gay-sang-nhu-nay-2022041216150576.chn

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