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Hanoi: Children crying at kindergarten this morning

April 13, 2022 09:38 GMT+7

Starting today (April 13), preschool children in Hanoi can go to school directly after nearly 1 year of stopping school because of the epidemic.

This morning, April 13, Hanoi officially allowed kindergartens to reopen. So the gate of the kindergarten has been bustling again after a long time of closure because of the epidemic. Parents in Hanoi also returned to the familiar rhythm of taking their children to school and then going to work. As for the educational institutions, they are relieved because the day has come to restore operations and stabilize the economy…

In that atmosphere, only the children cried and were surprised when their parents took them to school and then turned away.

Hanoi: Children crying at kindergarten this morning
A preschool child cries when returning to Hoang Liet Kindergarten, Hoang Mai district.

This morning, Nguyen Ha Anh and her husband (Nam Tu Liem district, Hanoi) got up earlier than usual to prepare for their children to go to school. We have 2 children, one is in 1st grade and the other is in kindergarten.

As previously assigned, because the kindergarten child is more attached to her mother, Ha Anh will send her daughter to school and the older child will be taken by her father.

“Although I also did ideological work for my child about going back to school before, but since I missed school for almost a year, it was difficult for the 4-year-old to adapt to the new environment. On the way to school, I was happy, but as soon as I got to the school gate, I was surprised, even burst into tears when the teacher picked me up.

However, I still accept my child’s return to school after the first day of opening, because the child stays at home for too long, so he is confined, and the parents have to manage enough to both work and take care of the child,” Ha Anh said. .

Hanoi: Children crying at kindergarten this morning
Students at Le Quy Don Primary School (Ha Dong) cried on their first day back to school

The family also has a 4-year-old daughter, Pham Thi Thuong (Cau Giay district) said that last year, her daughter went to school for 3 months, just entered the classroom, the school had to close because of the Covid-19 epidemic. Since then, she and her husband have had to take turns applying to work online to take care of their children. On a day with little work, the children can eat early, sleep early, otherwise, they have to wait for their parents.

“When I heard that schools were allowed to reopen, I was very happy. This age must go to school, must play with friends to be active and develop. The only thing is that I have to re-train my children from the beginning to go to school, it must be quite arduous.

This morning, when I took my son to class, he turned around and hugged his mother, refusing to go to class. The teacher had to coax the baby until she could hold it. However, as soon as I turned away, the baby cried and cried, “said Thuong.

Hanoi: Children crying at kindergarten this morning
Pictures at Vietnamese Kindergarten – Bun

According to teacher Nguyen Thi Ngan – Principal of Green Star Kindergarten System, in the past few days, the school has prepared all necessary steps to prevent epidemics for children, from preparing equipment for measuring body temperature, disinfecting, and disinfecting. hand sanitizer to propagandize to each parent to well implement epidemic prevention measures when sending their children to school. “Because preschool children are young, the school still creates conditions for parents to bring their children to class. In class, teachers will continue to measure body temperature and perform medical checks again.

The break is quite long, so for preschool children, returning to school like this is almost back to the starting point of “first time going to school”, the teacher has to comfort and work hard a bit, but a few days the children will get used to it. After nearly a year, we are happy to see our children every day again,” said Ngan.

According to statistics from the Hanoi Department of Education and Training, the percentage of parents who registered their children to return to school from April 13 reached 80%. Reports from the Departments of Education and Training show that, during the past holiday, many schools and class groups have reviewed and completed the conditions to be ready to welcome children back to school.

The whole city currently has 1,145 preschool education institutions with more than 525,000 children enrolled. In which, the number of children studying at private institutions is more than 158,000, accounting for 30%.

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