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Holiday April 30 to May 1: How does the traffic police handle violations?

Thursday, April 14, 2022 00:30 AM (GMT+7)

From April 15, the traffic police force nationwide will deploy a plan to check, control and ensure traffic safety and order on all roads.

During the peak period to ensure traffic safety and order on the occasion of the 30/4-1/5 holiday this year, the Ministry of Public Security assigned the Traffic Police Department to direct the traffic police force under the Department and the local police police to mobilize the maximum force. vehicles, professional technical equipment and synchronously and drastically deploying measures to ensure traffic order and safety.

Accordingly, on the road will thoroughly apply information technology in the fields of birth control trafficusing scientific and technical measures to detect and handle violations, and manage the work of traffic police officers and soldiers.

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Traffic police force divides streams to ensure traffic order and safety in the area

Strengthen the force of TTKS, strictly handle traffic violations; focus on violations that are the direct causes of accidents and traffic jams such as: Violation of alcohol and drug concentration; carrying overloaded and oversized goods; carries more persons specified; excessive speed; not team MBH; preventing and combating illegal racing, swerving, bouncing, disrupting public order…

Traffic police will regularly patrol and control maneuvers by cars and motorbikes to handle violations; effectively use the system of monitoring and handling violations. Maintain and promote the effectiveness of working groups to coordinate between traffic police and other police forces to detect and handle those who intentionally violate traffic safety and order, in combination with crime prevention and control.

On railways, the Ministry of Public Security requested the traffic police to coordinate in inspecting and strictly handling the situation of road vehicles running through red lights and blocking trains when they were built at crossroads; construction of works encroaching on, violating the railway traffic safety corridor; handling and solving the situation of spontaneous passage opening.

Coordinate with relevant units in inspecting the observance of regulations on technical safety of railway infrastructure and railway vehicles; the compliance with operating procedures, the alcohol concentration of railway workers.

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Traffic police guide vehicles on traffic on the road

On inland waterways, the focus will be on birth control on key and complex waterways and areas, tourist waterways from the shore to the island; focus on passenger transport activities across rivers, along rivers, along fixed routes in key transport routes; ports and wharves that are illegal or unqualified for operation; tourism and entertainment activities on inland waterways; Watercraft transporting students, transporting passengers at tourist sites, means of transporting passengers from shore to the island, means of transporting goods beyond the safe waterline mark…

Focus on checking right at the departure station; resolutely suspending wharves and watercraft that fail to ensure safe conditions, especially violating regulations on life-saving, life-saving, carrying more than the prescribed number of people, and “Three No” watercraft.

At the same time, well organize the work of grasping the situation, reviewing all the plans for traffic separation, command and control of traffic to amend, supplement or build new ones accordingly, promptly mobilize forces, coordinate and arrange standing and standing forces to deal with signs of traffic jams, preventing prolonged traffic jams, especially on the main axes in and out of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, key highways and national highways; Festivals, bus stations, piers, and train stations have a high density of vehicles, and traffic jams often occur at construction sites.

In the work of investigating and strictly handling traffic accidents and coordinating to fight and prevent crimes on traffic routes, urgently investigate and clarify the causes, and strictly handle traffic accidents that cause serious consequences. are cases traffic accidents particularly serious occurs; conclude the investigation, propose the Procuracy to prosecute and the Court to soon launch a trial for deterrence and general education.

Actively grasp the situation, analyze, evaluate, and forecast the activities of subjects with illegal acts on traffic routes. Through patrolling, controlling and coordinating with relevant police units, timely detect and arrest all kinds of criminal, economic, drug and environmental crimes; trafficking, possession, explosives, illegal weapons, banned goods, counterfeit goods, food of unknown origin. For waterways, arrange forces to strengthen the work of grasping the situation on key routes, areas and fields, proactively detecting and fighting crimes of theft, drug trafficking and exploitation. Mining, trading, gathering sand, gravel, illegal resources, smuggling activities, transporting banned goods, goods without invoices and documents…

The implementation period of this plan is from April 15, 2022 to the end of May 15, 2022.

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