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Identify the suspect in the New York subway station shooting

Accordingly, Frank James – male, black, 62 years old, is said to have rented the U-Haul truck involved in the shooting and left it at the crime scene in Brooklyn. The agency posted pictures of Frank James on Twitter and is asking the public for information about his whereabouts.

“The man we believe to be the tenant of the U-Haul truck in Philadelphia is Frank James, 62, male, with addresses in Wisconsin and Philadelphia.” James Essig, New York City police representative said.

The New York police’s search for Frank James was based on some evidence collected at the crime scene. Including the key to the U-Haul that James had rented earlier.

Identify the suspect who opened fire at the New York subway station - 1

Image of suspect Frank James released by New York police. (Photo: The New York Post)

“We are trying to locate him to clarify his connection to the subway shooting, if any,” he said. James Essig adds.

According to the initial information received by the police, Frank James may be homeless, with no permanent place to live.

US authorities have not determined the suspect’s motive for the crime. Police are still searching for the suspect. They described him as a tall man wearing a blue vest and gray shirt. The suspect fled the scene after the incident.

In addition to the keys to the U-Haul, police recovered a Glock 17 pistol, three magazines and an ax from the scene. Several smoke generators were found at the scene, a bag of fireworks and a credit card that was supposed to be used to rent a U-Haul car.

23 people were injured after a gunman opened fire on a subway car in Brooklyn on the morning of April 12. So far, no one has been arrested in connection with the incident.

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