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I’m as tall as the Dutch

Wednesday, April 13, 2022 10:00 AM (GMT+7)

Once the country with the “modest” height in Europe, since 1980 until now, the Netherlands has always been honored as the country with the highest average height in the world. What is their secret?

In 1830, the Dutchman was only about 164cm tall, the shortest in Europe. However, by 1980, the Netherlands had become the country with the highest average height in the world with 182.7cm.

According to The Telegraph, currently, the Netherlands still maintains the highest form in the world with 184cm (men) and 170cm (women).

I'm as tall as the Dutch - I think it's hard to be simple with these 5

The change in height of the Dutch in the period 1830 – 1980

It is not by chance that the Dutch “break through” such an impressive height. That is thanks to a systematic strategy with the following 5 highlights:

1. Special nutrition wheel

Since 1953, the Netherlands Nutrition Center has launched a model of nutrition wheel to guide people to eat right. This wheel is divided into 5 parts with clear proportions: Starch (30%); vegetables (30%), protein (16%), water (16%), fat (8%).

I'm as tall as the Dutch - I think it's hard to be simple with these 5

The Dutch nutrition wheel

The most remarkable point of the nutrition wheel is that the group of fruits and vegetables has the same top priority as the starch group. Protein from chicken, fish, eggs, milk, beans of all kinds is prioritized before beef, pork… Drinking enough water is always recommended.

2. Always have a full breakfast

According to a report by the European Dietetic Association, the Netherlands is the country with the highest percentage of children eating breakfast in the region (more than 90%) and is at the forefront of the policy of educating parents that breakfast is the best meal of the day. day.

I'm as tall as the Dutch - I think it's hard to be simple with these 5

Eating breakfast right and enough not only helps children grow physically (height and weight) but also provides energy for children to develop cognitively and learn better.

3. Focus on calcium and essential vitamins for height

Foods rich in calcium, milk are used quite often in the Dutch children’s diet. In particular, all children under 4 years of age in the Netherlands are advised to supplement with 10mcg (equivalent to 400IU) of vitamin D/day.

This recommendation is now also applied in many other countries around the world because vitamin D not only helps the body to absorb calcium, promotes height growth, but is also related to other health problems of the body. especially the role of immunity.

In addition to vitamin D, there have also recently been many studies showing that children need vitamin K2 supplements to direct calcium into the right place in the bones, making bones strong.

I'm as tall as the Dutch - I think it's hard to be simple with these 5

Many Dutch scientists have conducted studies on vitamin D3, K2 supplementation on children and found that children supplemented with these essential vitamins (besides a varied and balanced diet) have better growth and development. better physical development.

Prof. M. Summeren (Medical Center, Utrecht University, Netherlands) conducted a study on vitamin K2 supplementation on children aged 8-14 years old and found an increase in whole body bone mass and improved bone quality. forward. Height, weight increase in all children supplemented with vitamin K2, much higher than the group of children not supplemented.

4. Prioritize exercise

Dutch children are very active, like to walk or cycle to school every day. Scientific studies show that children who exercise properly will have a better height than those who are sedentary.

I'm as tall as the Dutch - I think it's hard to be simple with these 5

The reason is because when exercising, growth hormones are secreted regularly, beneficial intestinal bacteria also work better, thereby stimulating appetite and reducing the risk of overweight and obesity – factors that prevent obesity. the process of growing in height.

5. Give children a spirit of joy and happiness

According to a UNICEF report, Dutch children are the happiest children in the world. They not only live in a healthy environment with happy parents, but also have less pressure from studying.

I'm as tall as the Dutch - I think it's hard to be simple with these 5

Research by Dr. Scott Montgomery (UK) and a team of more than 1,300 families found that children living in environments with constant stress had less growth hormone and delayed development than other children.

What do Vietnamese parents learn from the Dutch?

It can be seen that the Dutch improve height by harmoniously combining methods. Vietnamese parents should learn how to help their children build a healthy, happy living environment, regularly exercise and especially have a reasonable diet if they want their children to grow taller.

Vitamins D3, K2 are necessary micronutrients for children’s bones and height but are not found in foods as much as calcium. Therefore, their supplementation has been widely recommended.

In Viet Nam, Dimao Vitamin D3 400IU and Keovon Vitamin K2 MK7 Vitamin D3 and K2 supplement duo are very popular thanks to their convenience and superior absorption by the direct injection mechanism into the oral cavity to help maximize the effectiveness of the supplement.

I'm as tall as the Dutch - I think it's hard to be simple with these 5

Banh Mi (Tan Hiep, Phu Giao, Binh Duong) at 4.5 years old (left) and 8 years old (right). 8-year-old baby weighs 32kg, is 1m33 tall, as tall as your 9-year-old friend. Baby started supplementing with Dimao and Keovon from April 2019.

In particular, each spray Dimao contains 400 IU of vitamin D3each spray of Keovon contains 18.75mcg vitamin K2 MK7, meeting the dose needed for the bone development of children.

The product is genuine imported from Europe, has natural origin, is safe and has a pleasant taste that makes children extremely excited when supplemented.

Dimao Vitamin D3 400 IU and Keovon Vitamin K2 MK7 is vitamin D3 K2 spray form imported from Europe, contributing to the body’s good absorption of calcium, enhancing the process of attaching calcium to bones, helping to strengthen bones and teeth, and support optimal height development for children. young.

Besides, Keovon It also helps the blood clotting process to take place normally in case people often have nosebleeds, prolonged bleeding time.

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I'm as tall as the Dutch - I think it's hard to be simple with these 5

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This product is not a medicine, it is not a substitute for medicine.

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