Introducing smart technology solutions from big brands

The seminar was jointly organized by Taiwan Excellence and Ho Chi Minh City Computer Association (HCA) with the aim of promoting commercial business between Taiwanese enterprises and Vietnamese enterprises in the fields of AI, IoT, 5G and at the same time. promote smart technology solutions honored by Taiwan Excellence.

Taiwan Excellence webinar: Introducing smart technology solutions from big brands - Photo 1.

Taiwan Excellence webinar: Introducing smart solutions from brands AAEON, IBASE, IEI, MiFly, MSI, PLANET

With today’s technological life, users are demanding more for optimal and highly applicable technology solutions. This will help businesses increase productivity, reduce personnel and operating costs. Especially in the post-Covid-19 pandemic, the trend of “no touch” – limiting contact becomes more and more popular, promoting new inventions in automation technology. The “Webinar: Introducing Smart Technology Solutions” is a good opportunity for businesses to quickly integrate into this global trend.

Taiwan’s leading technology companies in the field of smart solutions participating in the seminar include: AAEON, IBASE, IEI, MiFly, MSI and PLANET – six brands whose products have been certified with Taiwan Excellence. Brand representatives will present breakthrough technology solutions in different industries: industrial PC, healthcare, transportation and virtual reality industry.

1. IEI Integration Corp

Intelligent Image Management System – POCi-W22C-ULT5 is an AI medical computer with multiple PCIe slots for easy connection of different devices. This product has advantages in medical operations such as radiography, telemedicine, endoscopic systems or operating rooms.

Taiwan Excellence webinar: Introducing smart technology solutions from big brands - Photo 2.

Intelligent image management system – POCi-W22C-ULT5

The PUZZLE-M902 router for SMB is a network device that forwards data packets between computer networks with incredible data transfer speeds with six 2.5 GbE ports and three 10 GbE ports to optimize network performance for users. Users can not only efficiently manage all connected wires through OpenWrt OS, configure firewall, VPN, security, but also extend advanced network functions.

Taiwan Excellence webinar: Introducing smart technology solutions from big brands - Photo 3.

PUZZLE-M901 and PUZZLE-M902 routers for SMB.

2. Mind & Idea Fly Co., Ltd (MiFly)

MAKAR is a digital XR content building platform. With simple and easy-to-use AR/VR/MR browsing and editing functionality, this tool requires no programming knowledge, but users can also produce content quickly, moreover, it can be used on all devices and platforms. It is a useful platform to support small and medium businesses, in education and in government.

Taiwan Excellence webinar: Introducing smart technology solutions from big brands - Photo 4.

MAKAR digital XR content building platform.

3. Micro-Star International Co., Ltd.

MSI FUTORO is a telecommunications solution that supports comprehensive control for electric buses in particular and transportation vehicles in general. By integrating various sensors, this solution can monitor the vehicle in real time, analyze driver behavior, notify maintenance and vehicle condition… Especially, the system also detects heat passenger levels and air filtration to provide a safe public transport environment. This solution will help electric bus operators recover quickly after the pandemic.

Taiwan Excellence webinar: Introducing smart technology solutions from big brands - Photo 5.

Telecom solution for MSI FUTORO electric bus.

Guests participating in the seminar will have an overview of Vietnam’s market demand in the near future, understanding of IT industry trends in Taiwan and prospects for cooperation between the two countries. Vietnamese and Taiwanese enterprises. In addition, companies will directly advise and introduce details for users to understand smart technology solutions in the fields of AI, IoT, 5G. Through that, users can identify needs, apply highly applicable innovations in the field of industry for optimal support in terms of productivity and cost.

About Taiwan Excellence:

The Taiwan Excellence logo is used to honor outstanding innovative products with great value for global consumers. All products emblazoned with this logo have won Taiwan Excellence awards in the areas of Design, Quality, Marketing, Product Research and Development (R&D), and Manufacturing. First introduced in 1992 by the Taiwan Chamber of Commerce; Taiwan Excellence logo has been recognized by 100 countries worldwide.

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