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Is the era of small screen phones over?

Over the past few years, phone manufacturers have continued to release handsets with screens of 6 inches or more while the number of compact devices available seems to be decreasing every year.

That trend looks set to continue, especially amid rumors that one of the few new small phones will launch this year. iPhone SE (2022) just launched last month, but some reports suggest that Apple is shrinking production of this product line.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has cut his expected iPhone SE sales forecast to 10 million units, while Loop Capital analyst John Donovan claims that Apple is scaling back iPhone SE orders from its supply chain.

“The sales trend has been clear over the years. People want bigger screens,” said Avi Greengart, an analyst at Techsponential.

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iPhone SE 2022 and iPhone 13 mini

Undoubtedly, Apple is one of the few major phone manufacturers to offer devices with screen sizes smaller than 6 inches. Besides the latest iPhone SE, there’s also the iPhone 13 mini as well as the iPhone 12 mini that was discounted last year. Both these phones have 5.4-inch screens. Both phones are also rumored to have lower sales than the other Pro models. Apple doesn’t break down iPhone sales by model, but it’s pretty clear that the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro have been a big driver of the company’s phone business since its initial launch in the fall. last year.

If recent rumors about iPhone 14 are true, Apple may be joining rivals in turning away from small phones. The focus of this year’s iPhone lineup seems to be to give buyers the option of one big screen phone cheaper is a more compact model.

In other words, the smartphone has really become the computer in your pocket that Steve Jobs described when he first introduced the original iPhone in 2007. The more powerful processor and apps available becomes more attractive. Messaging apps have replaced the phone as the primary means of communicating with friends, colleagues, and family.

Today’s smartphone screens are also much sharper than the 480 x 320 pixel resolution screen on the first iPhone. Nowadays, low-cost devices have Full HD resolutions, so again, users want larger screens to show more detailed graphics, photos and videos.

Changing the shape of the screen has also made the larger screen more comfortable for those who previously preferred compact models. The edge-to-edge display with small bezels allows for a slimmer design compared to the bulky phablets of a few years ago.

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