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‘It is not possible to replace motorbikes with buses’

With the disadvantages of the current bus system in Vietnam, banning motorbikes is not feasible.

If you try to take the bus for a week to work, you will find that this public transport cannot replace motorbikes (note that just going to work by bus, not asking for other side jobs). For me personally, using the bus has the following limitations:

Firstly, most of the buses in operation are nearing the end of their service life, and during rush hour, passengers are stuffed like pigs. Anyone who has been through the student period will understand.

Second, let’s just give a solution to ban motorbikes and then get funding for bus development, but will it be enough to serve everyone during peak hours? People using motorbikes, besides personal travel, are also an effective means of transportation, so banning motorbikes will have a great impact on service industries. In Vietnam, there are few big roads, many small and narrow roads, if motorbikes are banned, get an alternative.

Third, choose a solution to ban personal cars and allow transportation service vehicles to operate. With the character of Vietnamese people, only 5 minutes after the ban, all motorbikes are wearing transportation service license plates. At that time, the ban was like no.

Fourth, Vietnam’s climate is harsh, in the summer, walking 100-200 m to the public bus pick-up point is sweaty and then going to the company to sit in the air-conditioner, thinking about the scene of the office with 15-20 people smelling of sweat. Mixed in the scent of perfume in the closed room was already terrible.

For these reasons, banning motorbikes in Vietnam is not effective in my opinion. What’s your opinion?

Readers Nguyen Giang

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