Let’s walk 7,000 steps a day

Not to be an emperor or master of Big Tech companies in search of complex elixir of lifeScience has now proven: Just by completing a small goal of 7,000 steps a day, you can reduce your risk of premature death from all causes by up to 50%.

This will definitely add to your longevity, especially in the middle stage of life.


New research published in the Lancet Medical Journal shows that walking is good for almost every cell in your body. It is an extremely effective exercise, helping to strengthen the heart, improve bone density, relax the mind, help build muscle and manage chronic pain.

Above all, walking is something that most people can do anywhere and anytime, from the room to the outdoors, from home to work. But how much walking is enough to reach your health goals?

This is a question that many scientists have long wanted to answer.

The myth of 10,000 steps is no longer true

You may have heard somewhere, advertising or even health agency documents say that 10,000 steps a day is the gold standard for health. However, scientists themselves don’t know where this number actually comes from and if there’s any evidence to back it up.

In 2019, a research team led by professor Dr. I-Min Lee at Harvard Medical School was determined to investigate the origin of this myth. They rummaged through decades of medical literature and medical literature and discovered that the 10,000-step figure actually originated in Japan, but not from medical advice.


In 1965, a Japanese company named Yamasa made a pedometer and named it “Manpo-kei”. In Japanese, this phrase means “10,000 step meter”. Yamasa has advertised their machine so repeatedly that the 10,000-step standard has become ingrained in the culture of the gym and has spread into the health monitoring field.

For many Japanese who are cultured using public transport such as trains and subways, walking 10,000 steps is not too difficult a goal. They still have to walk from home to the pier and from the pier to the office every day and vice versa.

Unfortunately, for many people using personal vehicles, 10,000 steps will be an elusive goal. At an average walking pace, we walk about 100 steps per minute. That means it takes 1 hour and 40 minutes of walking, equivalent to 8km with a stride of 80 cm to reach this goal.

Those numbers inadvertently scare people and make them lazy because they think they will never achieve that goal. But now, new research has helped debunk that myth and lower the bar for us.

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Every day you just need to walk 7,000 steps

That’s the conclusion of a team of researchers from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. They pooled data from 15 studies that followed 47,471 adults between 1999 and 2018 to look at their walking habits and their risk of premature death.

The results show that walking is a great exercise for health. “Taking more steps per day is associated with a progressively lower risk of all-cause mortality.”the researchers wrote.

However, this benefit seems to level off at around 9,000 steps, and researchers say you don’t necessarily need to hit the 10,000 steps a day goal anymore.

“Even just increasing the number of daily steps to 5,000 – for people over 60 years old – and 7,000 – for young people – reduced the risk of death by 40%.“, said Amanda Paluch, a public health expert and author of the new study.


Just get up from the chair and take the first step, your body has started to burn 3 times more calories than at rest. So what if you’re working at the office, and you’re thirsty? Get up, go get a glass of water and you’ve added 50-100 cumulative steps to your daily goal.

And actually you don’t have to spend too much time counting them, most current mobile devices have pedometer sensors, you just need to install a health monitoring application to use it. Or you can buy any smart bracelet on the market, they are all equipped with a step counter function.

Check the app at the end of the day and see if you hit your target. In case 7,000 steps, the equivalent of walking 5.6 kilometers a day, is still too much of a goal for you, scientists say you needn’t worry.


If you only walked 4,000 steps today, try to increase that to 5,000 tomorrow, it’s just adding 10 minutes of walking to your schedule. If you do this every day, after just 3 days, you will reach your goal number of 7,000 steps.

And don’t forget, that simple number can help you stay healthy every day and prolong your life.

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