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Little is known about the autopsy “sex bomb” Marilyn Monroe

On August 5, 1962, the world was shocked by the shocking news: Legendary movie star Marilyn Monroe passed away at the age of 36. Since then, her death has inspired countless novels. novels, movies and TV shows.

The problem is that there are two different causes for the actress’s death: an autopsy report in 1962 suggested that the star had “committed suicide”, while an examination conducted in 1982 said She said she died of a “drug overdose”.

Little is known about the 'sex bomb' autopsy  Marilyn Monroe: The one who said

However, the dark side of the story is still there because for many years, people have argued about the results of Marilyn Monroe’s autopsy. Accordingly, many people have pointed out dubious contradictions and omissions about this case, even claiming that “sex symbol” Marilyn Monroe died much more painfully than what was announced.

Long slide and shocking death

In August 1962, the actress Marilyn Monroe reached the peak of fame when she became known worldwide as an actress and a “sex bomb” through hit films such as Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953) ) and Some Like It Hot (1959).

Despite being so famous, the actress herself has faced many difficult problems before. Specifically, when she was still a child, she was abandoned by her mother and had to live in an orphanage. As an adult, she had three unhappy marriages with James Dougherty, Joe DiMaggio and Arthur Miller. Under the dazzling light, she gradually became an alcoholic and drug addict.

The famous actress’ personal problems seem to be fully expressed in the last work of her life: Something’s Got To Give (1962). During filming, she was frequently late for filming, forgetting lines in the film, and in a 1990 documentary, she was famously described as “drifting in the smoke of chaos.” depression and drug addiction”. Despite her best efforts, she still could not return to her former self.

Although the audience was increasingly disappointed by Marilyn Monroe’s long slide, what happened next surprised them.

On the night of August 4, 1962, Marilyn Monroe’s maid, Eunice Murray, knocked on her mistress’s door and panicked when she heard no response. In that situation, Murray called Monroe’s psychiatrist, Ralph Greenson, who broke the window and was stunned by the scene before him: the actress was lying in the middle of the mess, the bottle of wine spilled. lan, the phone still clutched in her hand.

Little is known about the 'sex bomb' autopsy  Marilyn Monroe: The one who said

On August 6, the New York Times reported on the death of Marilyn Monroe as follows: “Besides the bed was a bottle of sleeping pills, and the coroner said 14 more bottles of the same drug were found on her nightstand.”

The newspaper also added: “Monroe’s doctor prescribed sleeping pills for her for three days. Normally, the bottle can hold between 40-50 pills.”

Since it was impossible to determine the cause of death in the first place, many people had expected the results of the autopsy, but many new questions were raised.

Autopsy reveals the truth

On August 5, 1962, Dr. Thomas T. Noguchi conducted an autopsy of Marilyn Monroe. In the report published 12 days later, Mr. Thomas wrote: “The cause of death was acute poisoning with barbiturates (a central nervous system depressant commonly used in tranquilizers) from an overdose.”

Little is known about the 'sex bomb' autopsy  Marilyn Monroe: The one who said

Another medical examiner, Dr. Theodore Curphey, agreed with the findings: “I would like to conclude that Marilyn Monroe’s death was caused by an overdose of tranquilizers, and possibly suicide.”

Indeed, the results of the autopsy revealed that in her body there was a high concentration of Nembutal (a drug that slows down the activity of the brain and nervous system) and chloral hydrate (a tranquilizer). Based on the results, the coroner stated that the actress had taken a large dose of sedatives in a short time.

Not stopping there, Dr. Theodore ordered a “psychological examination” and discovered that Monroe was likely to commit suicide.

A report made by 3 psychologists shows: “Monroe has been mentally disturbed for a long time”at the same time they also determined that “Miss Monroe often expressed her desire to give up, retire from the entertainment world, even think about death.” And the truth is that the actress has tried to commit suicide before.

In fact, not everyone was satisfied with the results of the autopsy, and until years later, people continued to talk about other theories surrounding Monroe’s sudden death.

Other theories about the mysterious death of Marilyn Monroe

Decades after the incident, two employees involved in the autopsy stated that they did not think the cause of death was suicide. Both men alluded to a famous conspiracy theory at the time: the movie star was murdered due to her love triangle relationship with US President John F. Kennedy and brother – Attorney General Robert Kennedy.

The first person to confirm the above hypothesis was John Miner, Deputy Attorney General of the City of Los Angeles and also the person who was in direct contact with a medical staff involved in the autopsy. This person pointed out two suspicious details from the autopsy that made Mr. John confirm his opinion.

Little is known about the 'sex bomb' autopsy  Marilyn Monroe: The one who said

In the first detail, John claimed that the drug sample contained in the stomach of the “sex bomb” had disappeared without a trace. Second, he said the autopsy did not show any evidence that Monroe had used drugs.

Supposedly the autopsy sample taken from Monroe’s stomach was accidentally discarded, but Deputy Miner still felt suspicious when there was not a single yellow stain in the stomach – a sign of too much Nembutal use. At the same time, Dr. Noguchi also claimed not to find any traces of intravenous drug injection.

And by his own deductions, Mr. John Miner came up with a possible scenario: a case of intentional murder.

Little is known about the 'sex bomb' autopsy  Marilyn Monroe: The one who said

He wrote: “Marilyn Monroe was injected or given chloral hydrate, and after she lost consciousness, the perpetrator used 30 Nembutal capsules to infuse her body through a regular infusion bag.”

Besides, Miner also claimed that he had heard some personal tapes recorded by the actress herself. Even so, he had no way of proving it because psychiatrist Greenson destroyed the tapes and John Miner was the only person who had ever heard of them.

“Anyone who’s heard these tapes will know that Marilyn Monroe didn’t kill herself. She had so many plans to make and goals to live on.” Mr. John Miner said.

A former assistant coroner named Lionel Grandison was the second person to claim that something was amiss in the autopsy of Marilyn Monroe. He said that he himself was forced to sign the death certificate and documents proving that the actress was murdered.

At the same time, he was forced to admit that in her home, he found a diary describing a plot to kill Cuban leader Fidel Castro and a number of similar attempts allegedly made under the president. John F. Kennedy.

However, neither John Miner nor Grandison are considered particularly reliable witnesses. Grandison was fired for stealing a credit card from a corpse, and John Miner faces charges of making Marilyn Monroe’s tapes for money. In addition, Dr. Thomas T. Noguchi also denied that the sedative would have left a yellow color in Monroe’s stomach.

Indeed, a re-investigation into Monroe’s death in 1982 reached the same conclusion as the one in 1962.

The 1982 report went on to say that killing Marilyn Monroe would require “a grand, on-the-spot conspiracy” and that they “did not discover any credible evidence to support a murder theory”.

Marilyn Monroe’s autopsy – like much of her life – became an event that captured the world’s attention.

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